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Saint Paul Veterans Benefits

Saint Paul veterans dedicated years to the defense of our country, and they deserve the benefits that they receive in return. Many vets separate from active duty service suffer with chronic medical or psychiatric problems that are a direct result of events that occurred defending our freedoms.

Sadly, for many vets, it’s difficult to discover and access the aid they deserve and were promised in return for their service. Continue reading to learn about organizations and helpful resources that will help Saint Paul vets to live full and productive lives after separating from military duty.

Veterans Administration Health Service

The Veterans Administration Health Service is dedicated to providing high-quality medical care to eligible veterans. Qualifying vets can access every possible form of medical care they could need from:

Cardiac care in advanced facilities include heart bypass surgery, heart transplants, and treatment of chronic cardiac conditions.

Diabetes care for stage 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus and dietary assistance so diabetic vets can stay as healthy as possible living with this chronic illness.

Comprehensive geriatric care for senior vets that includes joint replacement surgery, arthritis care, and rehabilitation after surgery.

Treatment for all memory disease and degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Hospice care that will provide dignity and comfort in the last months or weeks of life.

Helping Saint Paul’s Homeless Vets

Support Homeless Veterans is a 100% donation funded organization that does its best to help veterans who have lost their homes and are living on the streets. Through outreach and counseling, Support Homeless Vets does their best to get vets the help they need and are entitled to.

SHV connects vets with the appropriate offices, organizations, and facilities that will resolve the problems that created their homelessness. SHV will get vets into temporary housing as quickly as possible.

Saving Vets from Substance Abuse

American Addiction Centers tries to help all Americans dealing with substance abuse issues and maintains special programs reserved for veterans and the special circumstances that can cause their problems.

American Addiction Centers recognizes that the unique stresses of combat and military training can make already susceptible people fall prey to the ravages of substance abuse. Through professional counseling and aid, veterans are placed in touch with the appropriate VA mental health services, medical care, and related departments to get the vet off drugs and back to productive life.

Help Starting a Business

The Small Business Administration has special programs available to veterans so they can become self-employed. Through training, education, mentoring, and low-interest loans, the SBA facilitates the process of starting a business from concept to opening day.

Some programs begin before a vet has even left military service; through education and access to trained mentors, active duty personnel can get prepared to hit the ground running from the first day of their new civilian lives.

Special programs just for women ensure that female veterans and the wives of veterans can access invaluable help in starting a business as well.

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