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Saint Paul Senior Movers and Downsizers

Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life.  Anybody you ask will tell you the same thing that the process is time-consuming and emotionally draining.

Saint Paul seniors have particular issues that make moving even more traumatic.  After living in the same home for decades, seniors have accumulated a vast amount of possessions and memories.

Saint Paul seniors need an expert in helping them to downsize their lives and make the move into a newer, smaller home.  Saint Paul seniors need a senior move manager (SMM) to make the transition as easy as possible.  

Continue reading to learn about senior move managers, where to find one, what they do, and what you can expect to spend.

How Saint Paul Senior Movers are Different

Senior move specialists who are members of the NASMM have taken special courses to learn how to best handle the unique concerns and issues that downsizing and moving entails.  NASMM members will also abide by stringent insurance and ethical standards.

A senior move manager will guide you through organizing and examining your household to determine best what things need to move with you and what is best donated, sold, given to family members or thrown out.

An SMM will do more than help you pack up; your senior mover will take care of transferring your utilities, registering your change of address with the post office, and a host of other mundane, but necessary tasks.

Once you arrive at your new address, the SMM will even help you unpack and organize your home.

When You Should Contact a Senior Mover

Ideally, you should start searching for a senior move expert as soon as you know that downsizing is on the horizon.  With enough advance preparation, your move should be easy and quick.

Advanced planning will ensure that you hold on to everything that is important to you and discard everything that you can do without.

Of course, emergencies do happen.  If you’re downsizing due to disaster, death or illness in the family, a senior mover can be a lifesaver.  An SMM can move through your home and coordinate your move with aplomb and calm efficiency, which frees you to take care of the crises the precipitated the move.

How Do I Find a Saint Paul Senior Mover?

The NASMM website has a handy online search tool that will help you find an NASMM member senior move manager convenient to you.

Visit the Better Business Bureau to search for senior movers in your area.  The directory you’ll be shown will show contact information and the BBB rating the service has earned.

What Will a Senior Mover Cost?

The cost of a senior move manager will vary widely. AARP has found that the cost of hiring an SMM can range from $40 to $100 per hour.  You’ll have to contract with a moving transport service separately, so ask about package deals, and you may save money on the total cost.

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