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Saint Paul Rehab Centers

After a surgery, fall, or severe illness, inpatient rehabilitation may prove necessary. Professional services help people who have suffered regain their strength, mobility, coordination, and even communicative skills. Saint Paul rehab centers offer assistance to all seniors who need the helping hand.

What Does a Rehab Center Offer?

Each rehab center has multiple employees ready to provide care. The licensed therapists working in a rehabilitation setting perform general assessments on their patients to determine a care plan tailored to their needs.

The facility often includes a large room with plenty of space to move. It should also contain specialized equipment that helps people become more mobile and coordinated, such as balance bars, walkers, and other devices. Take a short break by sitting in one of the designated seating areas, or get back to work on the gym equipment or exercise ball.

Where Can You Find Rehab Services?

Saint Paul offers numerous nursing homes and assisted living communities that provide rehab services. Walker Methodist at Westwood Ridge comes highly rated. The campus expanded in 2012, which provided Walker Methodist the space for transitional care, specialized care suites, assisted living, independent living, and memory care. You can get physical therapy on-site in the well-equipped gym room.

Langton Place in West Saint Paul sits on 14 acres. There are long-term living neighborhoods and transitional care suites. If you are in need of physical therapy for a short duration, the transitional suite would be the best choice for you. Whether you had a joint replacement, suffered a stroke, or just experience effects from aging, you can use the therapy room and aquatic center to gain back some strength and improve your condition.

What Traits Make Rehab Centers Stand Out from the Rest?

Some centers are sub-par compared to others. You want to find a facility that greatly stands out from the rest, keeping your interest and attention during your sessions. A well-designed room with plenty of equipment to choose from is the best option. There should be steps to master, an exercise ball to help you balance, and a bike or treadmill to get your legs moving.

You also want a facility that is well-rated among the community. Find a place that the state chose to certify because it passes inspections and meets all standards. A courteous staff is also a plus.

Who Handles Rehabilitation Expenses?

Your insurance usually handles your medical expenses, including rehabilitation. It is not automatically approved, though, as you need to meet certain qualifications to obtain services. Medicare, for example, makes you have written consent from your doctor that you need rehab. You must have also stayed at a hospital for more than three days for the ailment that is now requiring you to seek therapy. They will only pay if you have benefits left during that benefit period. If you meet these qualifications, you get your care covered. If you do not, you have to find another way to pay, such as out of pocket.

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