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Saint Paul Neighborhood Guide

Saint Paul provides a home to more than 300,000 people. It is the second largest city in all of Minnesota. With so many residents living in the area, it is imperative that newcomers settle into the right neighborhood, so they get along with who is already living there.

Well-Known Neighborhoods in Saint Paul

Summit Hill is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in all of Saint Paul. The area boasts lots of amenities and attractions, including stores, shops, restaurants, businesses, and transportation possibilities. The community earned itself a 76 on Areavibe for livability thanks to all it has to offer, including being ranked the number two across all Saint Paul locales.

Macalester-Groveland makes one of the top rankings of best Saint Paul neighborhoods. The community boasts an A- from regarding nightlife, with numerous bars and restaurants in the area. It also earns an A for fitness thanks to the level of care and fitness opportunities. With an even balance of both care and fun, the neighborhood makes the top of the list for well-knowns.

Senior-Friendly Saint Paul Communities

Senior-friendly communities are the go-to options for many retirees. They often search for locations where other older adults already live and have made a home. Highland is one of those choices, sitting in the center of the Highland National Golf Course and McDonough Park. It is also slightly to the north of Pike Island and the Mississippi River. With multiple recreational areas nearby, plus being located near transportation services and restaurants, Highland makes the ideal living place for seniors.

Como offers access to parks and urban areas where businesses are present. The neighborhood has a low crime rate and was primarily designed for elderly folks looking to retire. Health and fitness earn one of the highest grades for the community thanks to the many fitness and health opportunities in the area, including access to doctors.

Union Park sees plenty of pets, as most families living in the area own one or two. The community events held here include days in the park, gatherings at the event center, and fundraising options for the neighborhood. The cost of living is slightly high, with only a C grade from Niche, but an A- was earned for the short commute between home and businesses nearby.

Settling into Saint Paul

The cost of living, unemployment rate, median household income, average home price, and crime rate are just a few of the possible considerations you need to make before settling on a Saint Paul home. You cannot safely settle into a location before you know the full details surrounding it. Look into all of these aspects for each neighborhood, and you will have a better idea of which locale is right for you.

St. Anthony Park gets an A- for safety, while it achieves a C for cost of living. Hamline-Midway earns a B+ for outdoor activities, yet receives a B- for cost of living, weather, and jobs. You need to determine which locations most closely meet your criteria before you can choose your neighborhood and settle into Saint Paul.

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