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Saint Paul In-Home Care

Seniors suffering from a chronic condition often feel as though it is time to move to a nursing facility. While this option is available to you, it is not the only choice you have. Even the most severe condition does not have to keep you from remaining in the home you have lived in for so many years. You can hire a caregiver to tend to your health and other needs, allowing you to stay in your house for the foreseeable future. Saint Paul offers numerous in-home care agencies, with various services provided by each. Take a look at this comprehensive list to determine the best services and schedule for your needs.

Picking the Right Home Care Agency for You

The right agency for you may not be the right one for another senior in your area. Every person must choose their own option, based on their health needs and schedule. You may want a homemaker who handles meal planning, grocery shopping, and other personal tasks, while your neighbor requires a home health aide who works with them on physical therapy.

You cannot choose the right company to work with until you have verified their legitimacy. Check with the Better Business Bureau first thing to see if they make the list and earned a decent score. You also want to discover if the agency is, in fact, licensed through the state. Nursing homes and home care facilities have strict laws to follow in Minnesota, one of them being that they must be licensed. Caregivers may also not administer medication or provide medication management unless they are otherwise registered to do so.

Take a look at the reviews left on Senior Advisor to determine what aspects most seniors look for when it comes to choosing an agency:

Having a relationship with the caregiver is key, according to one family member. “She has been able to develop a relationship with the caregiver… They really take the time to make sure the caregiver is the right match.”

Meeting schedules is also important, ensuring seniors receive their care when needed. “I didn’t ever have issues with people not showing up, or not calling if they were going to be late,” says a client’s loved one.

“Friendly, professional, and caring,” indicates a customer, is what caregivers should always strive to be.

Setting Your Care Schedule

You get to set your care schedule, which is a significant benefit when it comes to home care. One person may require a nighttime caregiver that shows up once a family member leaves, while you need a home health aide to come in the mornings and assist with medication management and meal planning. Getting to arrange your services yourself ensures you always have someone there when you need them to help you with the tasks you cannot accomplish alone.

Live-in care options are also available. This option limits the need for scheduling, as your caregiver is in your home and able to assist you whenever necessary. The live-in option is appropriate for seniors without family or anyone nearby to come and handle simple tasks for even a short duration. The employee is the primary caregiver who handles all daily and health needs.

Weighing the Options

Not only should you consider which agency to use, but even whether or not you should use an agency at all. There are multiple options to weigh before you make your final home care decision.

Using Company Caregivers and Family Members - You can use a company caregiver for a portion of the time and have a family member tend to your needs the remainder of the day. This solution gives you the best of both worlds, ensuring there is always someone around to help you with your needs. If you have a family member as your primary caregiver, you can let them get some rest, or head into work when needed, by using an alternative during that time. Respite care is also an option, allowing you to remain in a nursing facility and receive care for just a short duration, such as when your loved one is away on vacation.

Using the Direct-Hire Approach - Instead of going through an agency and paying them a fee for finding a caregiver, you can use the direct-hire approach and cut out the middleman. Hire someone yourself, so you are fully in charge of the entire process. You get to interview multiple people and pick the one you feel best matches your personality.

Using Local Concierge Services - Rather than hiring a professional caregiver to tend to your errands and chores, you can use local concierge services to handle the menial tasks for you. These services are often far cheaper than the hourly homemaker rates, saving you money in the long run. TaskRabbit is an online service platform that allows you to get help with cleaning, errands, furniture assembly, and even home projects.

Saint Paul Care Costs and Using Insurance to Cover Them

Insurance is the best way to combat high care prices. You can apply for state-funded options that do not cost as much as private solutions. With these insurance policies in your name, you will have some of your care covered so that you do not have to pay the entire price out of pocket.

About 14 percent of Minnesota’s population uses Medicare. You can visit the Minnesota Care State Office in St. Paul to discuss the application process with an agent. It sits at 540 Cedar Street. You can call ahead of time if you need more information by dialing 1-651-297-3862, or the toll-free number, 1-800-657-3672. Medicare provides coverage to seniors age 65 and older.

You can visit the Public Health Department to discuss Medicaid options. This insurance option is for low-income individuals specifically. Anyone over 64 can apply, as can those with a disability. The office sits at 444 Lafayette Road. You can call them at (651) 431-2670.

Homemaker services and home health aide services make up the two main options for home care. Both choices sit higher on top of median prices than other states across the U.S. You can expect to pay around $26 per hour for a homemaker and $27 per hour for a home health aide. These high hourly rates equate to more than $58,000 spent per year.

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