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Everything changes with time. The passing years bring changes to everything in our lives; from our education, finances and living arrangements to our health, we need to adapt to the new challenges that the passing years bring.

While we can control the direction many of these changes take, our health as we age is something that we need to accept. Prevention is the best way to approach the health issues that come with advanced age.

While regular checkups are important to catch health problems before they become serious, it’s just as important to find a physician that is familiar with the unique issues of old age. St. Paul seniors need to find a geriatrician to ensure that they receive the best medical care for their stage of life.

Keep reading to learn about the geriatric related care you can find in St. Paul and what hospitals offer in your area.

Saint Paul Hospitals for Senior Medical Care

St. Paul seniors can appreciate having Woodwinds Health Campus nearby. This general medical and surgical hospital is rated high-performing in three adult procedures and conditions by US News and World Report:

Heart Failure

Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

While it’s not the largest hospital in the area, having only 86 beds, Woodwinds Health Campus provides important medical services for the St. Paul community.

Woodwinds Health Campus is the only hospital in the southeast metro area and provides a comprehensive suite of services in one location. Seniors in St. Paul can receive medical care in beautiful surroundings; the Health campus is located on 30-acres of gorgeous wetlands.

The Woodwinds Health Campus serves the St. Paul community with home care, hospice care, medical care for seniors, and medication therapy management. Seniors suffering from joint problems will benefit from access to specialists in osteoporosis, orthopedics, spine health, and arthritis.

The University of Minnesota Medical Center is nationally ranked by US News and World Report in one adult specialty and ranked high-performing in five adult specialties and procedures.

Seniors treated at the Medical Center will benefit from the Center’s affiliation with the University of Minnesota and the concomitant expertise that flows from the University faculty to the hospital.

The University of Minnesota Medical Center offers vital organ transplant services and uses the Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation System to alleviate the tremors from Parkinson’s Disease.

St. Paul seniors are lucky they have easy access to this state-of-the-art medical center.

Finding Senior Medical Care in St. Paul

Start your search for a geriatrician by asking people you trust for their recommendations and advice. Hearing other people’s experiences is a good way to judge if a medical care provider is right for you.

Online search tools are another way to collect the information you need to make an educated choice. Use the US News and World Report doctor finder to find out who is local to you, the specialties they are ranked for, and their contact information. is a senior-focused website that offers a helpful physician search tool that will help you narrow your search down to find the best medical professional for your needs.

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