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Saint Paul Aging In Place

Aging in place might seem like you’re just waiting around to get old but it’s the idea that seniors should have the freedom to stay in their homes longer while getting the care and assistance they need. These services include homemakers that will help you manage your household through regular cleanings, meal prep, and other errands as well as home health aides that will monitor your health and assist you with daily grooming and medication reminders. St. Paul has plenty of options when it comes to in-home care so there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find what you need.

Financial Assistance For Services

Seniors often have a small budget and might worry that they won’t be able to afford things like in-home care. Luckily there are a few options such as starting with your doctor. If they agree that you need help so you can stay in your home safely, then you could get reimbursed for services. Veterans also have some financial support through their VA bill; just make sure you’re covered and only use approved providers. The Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging has the Older Americans Act Program that helps qualified seniors to get homemakers, personal care services, grocery or meal delivery, and many other services.

The Cost For Services

With in-home care, there are a few factors that will change your total cost. First, your location will raise or lower the price as will how often you use these services. The type of care you choose can also affect the price. Currently, the national average for in-home care services is $3,800 per month.

In St. Paul, those averages go up significantly. Homemakers cost around $4,767 per month while home health aides cost around $5,529 per month. You could be paying anywhere from $157 to $182 per day for these services. Remember these are just averages for the area, and you can search for a provider that is less expensive, or you might not need to use services every day which could lower your cost.

Locating A St. Paul Provider

When you do start your search for a provider in the area, make sure to do some research and find a place that fits not only your budget but your needs as well. Your doctor can be a helpful resource as well as any relatives or close friends who have used in-home care before. If you want to read more about providers or see customer reviews of places in your area, you can check out the Better Business Bureau of St. Paul online.

You should also have a few questions for each provider, so you know more about their services. First, choose places that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Second, find places that use background checks or other screening processes when they hire their employees. Finally, make sure you are clear on all their scheduling and payment procedures before you make your final decision.

In-Home Care & Concierge Services

While homemakers and home health aides are certainly popular choices for in-home care, they are not your only options. Concierge services have grown over the years and seniors are using them more often to help with the few tasks or chores they can no longer do on their own. If you aren’t ready for full-time help, look at a few of these sites. helps you find local dog walkers or pet sitters while Handy helps you find local house cleaners. TaskRabbit and Favor allow you to search for people in your area to help with different chores like picking up your dry cleaning or organizing your closets. and Amazon Home Services are good places to find carpenters, lawn care personnel, contractors, or any other professional you might need for your home. Be sure to carefully research each person before you decide to use their services.

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