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Medicaid in Saint Paul

Eligible adults looking to receive help paying for medical expenses in Saint Paul should consider Medicaid. The option is no longer only for women and children. Seniors too can receive the benefits of this low-income-friendly insurance plan. Many Saint Paul resources ensure people from the area can find the information they need related to Medicaid and how it can help them.

Who Qualifies for Medicaid in Minnesota?

Minnesota Medicaid goes to those people who truly need it. The list includes children, pregnant women, and seniors. Seniors must be at least 65 to qualify, and they can even apply for both Medicaid and Medicare. They must meet low-income requirements to get approved.

Where Can You Find Help With Medicaid Claims and Applications?

There are four ways to apply for Medicaid or receive help with claims. They are:

In Person


By Mail

By Telephone

Visit your local County Human Services Office to apply in-person. This option allows you to speak directly to an agent who can answer any questions you have about the process. They will walk you through it step-by-step, so you fully understand what is needed. The Minnesota Department of Human Services sits at 444 Lafayette Rd. You can call them on the phone as well at (651) 431-2000.

The mail-in option allows you to send in your application and documents to the Medicaid office. The Saint Paul facility is the same location as the DHS. You have to print out the form, fill it out, and mail it in once you are finished.

MNSure provides the health insurance marketplace for all residents of Minnesota. Apply for Medicaid through their website. Other insurance options are available as well if you want to look into the available choices and what each one offers.

What Does Minnesota Medicaid for Seniors Cover?

Minnesota Medicaid for seniors covers plenty of services. First, there are specific senior options available to them, such as adult day care and even hospice. Only a portion of the cost, or a short duration of time, is available for these services, so it is best to wait on using them until they are genuinely needed.

You also receive the essential services that others get. These services include doctor visits, lab work, x-rays, podiatry, dental checkups, hospital stays, and much more. Most of these choices become necessary at some point in life and can get expensive if you use them more than once. Having Medicaid to cover the costs helps a great deal.

Getting to and from Medical Appointments With Assistance

If you struggle to find rides to get to and from medical appointments, it may be time to discover the transportation services offered through Medicaid. Non-emergency transportation services are what states usually refer to their program. The program allows you to schedule a ride a few days in advance so you can make it to your checkup safely. You do not want to wait to call, as the bus can fill up quickly.

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