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Financial Assistance for Saint Paul Seniors

Living can be quite expensive including necessities such as food, shelter, and heat. As a senior with a limited income, you may feel the financial struggle as prices continue to rise while your income does not. There are programs and services available to help ease the pain of expenses such as food, utilities, housing, and home repairs in Saint Paul.

Covering food

Metro Meals on Wheels includes 32 different meal programs to help the elderly in the community receive nutritious meals and human connection. Merrick Community Services offers Senior Mobile Distribution, which takes place on the first Tuesday and Thursday of the month and brings 30-35 pounds of food including produce, milk, bread, and meat.

Magic Kitchen provides healthy, chef-prepared meals with only the best ingredients. All meals are frozen, but you will only have to heat them up to enjoy.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) helps low-income families get food for well-balanced meals. This supplement program will help you purchase health foods but won’t cover all your food costs. You will need to use some of your funds to pay for food. You can use your benefits at stores, farmer’s market, and senior dining sites.

Covering your home

Home repairs are essential to keep your home safe and comfortable. You can finance repairs at a low rate loan through the City’s Rehabilitation Loan Programs.

There are also organizations that will assist with repairs, including Habitat for Humanity’s programs: A Brush With Kindness, Hearts and Hammers, Home Partners, and The Housing Resource Centers.

Utility bills continue to rise and can affect your monthly budget. There are also programs to help you pay for your energy bills. The Energy Assistance Program helps households maintain affordable energy. Their services include bill payment assistance, home energy crisis intervention, and referrals to the Conservation Department.

The City of Saint Paul also has many resources for energy conservation. Eligible homeowners can apply for Weatherization Assistance Program to make home upgrades to improve energy efficiency and lower your energy bills. Your local service provider will complete an energy assessment to determine ways to save on your annual energy costs, which can be up to 30 percent.

If you need assistance to pay for your housing, the Public Housing Agency (PHA) in Saint Paul manages multiple housing programs for residents. Dakota County also offers a Senior Housing Program for adults over 55.

In addition to government housing programs, there are also private organizations that assist with housing and related services. Episcopal Homes offers senior living options right in the heart of Saint Paul. These affordable housing units are available for seniors over the age of 62.

Lyngblomsten is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides housing for older adults.

Covering your social needs

Saint Paul offers recreation centers for all ages. These facilities offer activities such as games, trips, tours, special events, and crafts.

Homebound seniors can also receive services through various organizations such as Bridge to Benefits and Lutheran Social Service. Socialization is just as important to these seniors, and these organizations offer companion programs.

There are several clubs and activities in Saint Paul for seniors. Minnesota Seniors updates their website with local events. Meetup is another site that helps seniors find local events that match their interests. Keystone Community Services offers an Active Seniors Program.

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