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St. Louis Senior Movers And Downsizers

Imagine a situation where you have been looking to sell your house because it is too big and impractical for you, but you have not had an offer for a very long time. Suddenly a reasonable offer comes and you have to vacate the house in less than three weeks, or the buyer walks away. The problem here is that the new place is too small to fit all the stuff that you have, and you do not have the option of keeping some of the stuff in your grownup children's homes. What do you do now?

The above is a very common situation in America today, and the best thing you can do is to call a senior mover to downsize immediately.

The Work Of Senior Movers And Downsizers

Senior movers and downsizers are very different from the average movers because as opposed to just showing up on the day of the move and picking up the stuff, they have so much to do. These professionals start planning for the move by helping the family choose what goes to the new place and what doesnot, they help organize for an auction of the things that will not go, donate the remaining things, and dispose of or recycle the things that remain after that. Then these movers help to sort all the things that are going, plan for their transportation, unpack them, and designing the new home.

When Is It Time To Call A Senior Mover And Downsizer?

The mistake most people make is to call senior move managers when they are already in trouble and have to relocate within a very short timeframe. Although senior movers and downsizers who are worth their salt have the knowledge, ability, and experience to move a senior within the shortest time possible, the ideal time to call them is as soon as a senior and his or her family discovers the need for the move. These professionals bear the burden of the physical and emotional stress that a senior and his or her family would go through and ensure a smooth process.

Where Can You Find Senior Movers And Downsizers In St. Louis?

Since over 11.4% of the people living in St. Louis are 65 years of age and over, finding a senior mover and downsizer or someone who has used the services of such a professional is easy. It is highly likely that the 20 retirement communities in St. Louis have contacts of the most reliable senior movers and downsizers who relocate seniors to these facilities. Making an inquiry here would prove fruitful.

The National Association of Senior Move Managers lists down most of the accredited senior movers, their contacts, and their companies. The Missouri Care Planning Council, the yellow pages, and all have lists and information on relocation and downsizing experts in St. Louis.

How Much Do The Above Professionals Cost?

Senior movers and downsizers offer high-quality services that surpass what they charge, which is why the best professionals here are very affordable. However, the specific figures vary from one client to the next because the distances, time taken, stuff to be carried, and overall logistics vary from one client to the next.

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