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St. Louis Respite Care and Adult Day Care

For seniors that want to receive care in their homes, having a family member provide care in their homes can be beneficial. However, it can also be difficult if those family members also have other jobs or family that require care. Adult day care can help ease that burden by providing a place that seniors can go to be supervised, fed, and socialized during working hours. You don’t have to leave your loved ones at home alone as long as you know where to go here in St. Louis.

What Happens At An Adult Day Care Program?

If you’re a caregiver with a full-time job, you can drop off your loved one in the morning and pick them up after you’re done working. There are also half-day programs available if that works better for your schedule. Programs are generally offered Monday through Friday, except on major holidays and a full-day would be from about 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The location for day care can vary from senior or community centers to churches and hospitals.

Since these programs are designed for seniors who can’t be alone for long periods of time due to medical or cognitive issues, there is nursing staff onsite to take care of medical needs. They can dispense medication, change bandages, take vital signs, and handle medical emergencies. If needed, you can also find a daycare that is specifically for certain conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Any program that is licensed through the state must provide a hot lunch and if needed, you can find programs that will offer breakfast and snacks too. There will be plenty of activities to fill each seniors day and they can take part in things like card games, exercise classes, arts and crafts, and if possible, field trips or outings. The facility might also provide various forms of entertainment or enrichment with local groups, scout troops, or even therapy dogs. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is in charge of all licensing and certification for adult day care programs.

Who Provides Adult Day Care In St. Louis?

There are dozens of licensed adult day care centers all throughout Missouri and plenty right in St. Louis. You can find a program that is near your house to make things more convenient. Here are some of the places in the area:

Lutheran Geriatric Care, Inc. 4351 Delmar Blvd. (314) 289-9443

Happy Spirit Adult Day Care 3904 Delmar (314) 371-9999

Circle of Friends Adult Services, Inc. 3126 Alfred (314) 776-7888

Southside Wellness Center 3017 Park Ave. (314) 664-5024

Young In Spirit Adult Day Center 2639 Miami st. (314) 645-2411

You can find more programs in the Department of Health and Senior Services directory or you can talk to neighbors, friends, and family who have used similar programs and get suggestions from them.

What Is The Cost Of Adult Day Care?

In St. Louis, the median cost per day of adult day care services is around $76 and while that might seem like a lot, the daily cost of an in-home health aid can be around $125. If you have a long-term insurance policy and require care for a medical or cognitive condition, adult day care costs can be covered. For seniors that are low-income or veterans, Medicaid and VA-benefits might be able to help cover the cost of care. You can find out more about insurance help for seniors through the Missouri Department of Insurance.

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