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St. Louis Neighborhood Guide

There are 79 unique St. Louis neighborhoods. Retirees are often drawn to those that offer the most amenities that are easy to get to. Being able to live somewhat independently in the beginning of the retirement years can make your dollar go a lot further. Although rents can be higher in the areas with the most amenities and services, you also don't have to maintain a car, which means you can save more by spending less time communiting.

Some seniors start their search based on how close they will be to family and friends within the St. Louis area. If grandchildren are just a short bus ride away, it can help a senior feel more connected to their family. Here are a few neighborhoods to consider in St. Louis.


Home to St. Louis University, there is always something interesting going on in Midtown. With a neighborhood population of just over 5,000, this is not a big neighborhood. If you enjoy taking classes, then being close to the University is a major perk. Seniors can sometimes audit classes, or you may decide that you want to finish a degree!

The Ville

With the lowest crime rate in the city of St. Louis, there is something to be said for the Ville. There are less than 2,000 residents in this neighborhood. This is very much a historic area that once was the home of black professionals and the elite of St. Louis. The Sumner High School was the first high school East of the Mississippi to offer education to African American students. The neighborhood continues to be a cultural icon of the city.

Forest Park

Forest Park is home to the St. Louis Park, which is the neighborhood to be in if you crave greenspace. With an amphitheater and plenty of trails, this is a very pleasant neighborhood to spend your time in. At just under 1,300 acres, there is a lot of room to explore and play.

The St. Louis Art Museum, Science Center, Zoo, and History Museums are all located here, so you always have something new and fun to do. This is a great neighborhood, if you have grandchildren that visit often. It is very easy to get around.

Considering St. Louis Neighborhoods

St Louis is a city that truly spans two distinct regions. There are many Southern influences in this city, which becomes apparent with its abundance of soulful cuisine. Newer and older parts of the city vary a lot in real estate price, but if you want to experience the St. Louis of a different time, this may be worth it to you.

While there is plenty of advanced medical care available, some seniors may want to be closer to specialized doctors than others. There is excellent public transit available, so this might not be as concerning to some. Many independent living communities provide transportation to appointments as part of the fee you pay.

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