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St. Louis Hospice Care

If dying were a choice, very few people would go down that road. Hospice care does not prevent someone from dying, but it helps a patient to live their remaining life in comfort. Choosing to take a loved one for hospice care is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. What makes hospice care so great is that it tries to improve the quality of life of a patient, regardless of the age or the health condition of a patient.

Hospice Care Providers

Ideally, patients should receive hospice care from home, which is where the patient is likely to feel most comfortable. However, due to the severity of the condition or other health demands, a nursing home, a hospital wing, or an inpatient facility becomes a good place to offer the care.

Hospice care is ideally for the whole family, meaning that it involves more than just medical treatment. Hospice care includes spiritual, physical, and emotional care for everyone involved. The hospice care providers include:

Doctors: The patient's doctor will work towards getting rid of all symptoms and reduce all forms of pain for as long as the patient is alive.

Nurses: The nurse will take care of the patient, monitor the health of the patient, and be in constant communication with the doctor concerning the patient’s progress.

Clergy: Spiritual matters are central to issues of life and death, and the clergy will provide spiritual comfort and guidance throughout the care process.

A nutritionist: Illness can affect everyone's appetite, both the patient and the family members. A nutritionist will guide the family and the patient along the lines of what they should eat, and help them to enjoy food despite the circumstances.

A social worker: The family as well as the patient might have issues affecting them resulting from the illness. A social worker will try to help the family and the patient to address these problems sooner and in a good way.

A grief counselor: If there are any abnormalities with the family's grieving process, the counselor will notice and counsel the family up to over a year from the patient's death.

Hospice Services In St. Louis

The hospice care providers in St. Louis and its environs are so many, and choosing the ideal one will largely depend on your location and the patient's needs. You can use resources such as to help you make a better choice on which care provider you settle for. However, it would be ideal for the patient to receive the care from home from caregivers such as Heartland Hospice and Oxford Healthcare.

Settling Hospice Bills In St. Louis

Most seniors in St. Louis who go for hospice care pay their bills using the insurance coverage that they have. Medicare will cover almost all the expenses involved, so the family will not need to add too much money later on. Seniors who do not have insurance can always appeal to the St. Louis assistance program to help them cover their medical bills.

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