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St. Louis Family Caregiver Benefits

For various reasons, family members are trending more towards taking care of aging adults within the comfort of the aging person’s home. One in four family members, cares for an elderly senior. Most of them receive no compensation. About 85% of all senior caregivers provide care without getting or expecting any payment. State governments save money by providing helpful services to relieve the stress and burden that family caregivers feel by helping seniors remain home longer. This approach prevents or delays expensive nursing care placements. Family caregivers provide a valuable service that is a win/win situation for the caregiver, the senior, and the agencies that provide care.

St. Louis is one of the largest cities in the state, so there are two social service agencies that provide helpful services for senior caregivers in the St. Louis area. The St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA) provides services for seniors and their caregivers within the St. Louis city limits. The Mid-East Area Agency on Aging provides services for seniors and caregivers on the outskirts of the city.

The goal of both agencies is to help older adults continue a dignified life in the community as independently as possible for as long as possible. One of the ways they accomplish that is to provide services and supports to the families that care for them.

The St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA)

The St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA) helps senior caregivers by helping them plan and coordinate a comprehensive caregiving plan for the short term and moving into the future, based upon the premise that the senior’s needs may increase. SLAAA also offers the following programs:

Disease management

Functional Needs Registry-database of individuals who need help during emergencies

Health insurance assistance

Memory and Aging Program-outreach for seniors with dementia

Nutrition programs

Property Tax Credit

Home repair and help with chores


St. Louis is home to over 30 private programs to help seniors and their caregivers. The Alzheimer’s Association offers a helpful spreadsheet that lists the organizations, along with the services they provide and contact information.

Memory Care Home Solutions

Memory Care Home Solutions is a private program that helps caregivers who care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms of dementia. They offer a four-step program that includes an initial family consultation, occupational therapy visits and home safety assessment, phone consultation, and a 12-month survey. They also offer a blog for caregiver that lists monthly caregiver tips. Interested caregivers may reach them at (314) 645-6247.

Lutheran Senior Services Outreach

Caregivers who need answers and help may contact the Aging Answers Line, which is offered by Lutheran Senior Services Outreach. Counselors answer the line to offer help and advice. They usually resolve concerns in the first call. If the senior or caregiver is interested, Lutheran Senior Services Outreach will offer and conduct an in-home assessment or office consultation. The program can help caregivers with finding adult day care programs, respite care, and caregiver support. Interested caregivers may call them at (314) 446-2475.

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