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St. Louis Demographics and Lifestyle

St. Louis has rightly been referred to as America's most hidden gem, a description that the locals know too well. St. Louis is the amazing Midwestern city in the state of Missouri with a giant arch and a beautiful port. Here is what a retiree in St. Louis can expect from this vibrant city.

Who Lives In St. Louis?

According to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 315,685 people live in St. Louis today. 46.6% of the residents are white, 47.5% are Black or African Americans, Hispanic or Latino are 3.8%, Asians are 3.2%, Alaska Natives, and American Indians are 0.3%, and 2.3% are people with two or more races. An overlap in the different categories is what makes the percentages add up to slightly over 100%. Women in St. Louis are more than the men by just 1.7%, whereas the persons above the age of 65 years are estimated to be 11.4%.

Missouri has a great economy with a job growth rate of 0.9%, and the cost of living is well below the national average. 6.8% of the people in St. Louis are foreign born, with the non-veterans owning 25,309 firms as of 2012.

The Weather In St. Louis

St. Louis experiences the humid subtropical type of climate with no real dry seasons. The summers can get very hot and humid with rainfall and lots of thunderstorms. The winters are mild with precipitation resulting from the mid-latitude cyclones. Summer temperatures get close to 90°F and temperatures in the winter can fall below -20°.

The worst weather you can expect in St. Louis are the tornados and windstorms, which are most pronounced during spring. The average of 48 days of thunderstorms in St. Louis has often resulted in severe high winds with hail and tornadoes. The tornadoes can at times cause serious damage to structures but seldom get to the city.

St. Louis Fauna And Flora

Before the construction of the city, the St. Louis area was an open forest and prairie grassland, an environment that was great for hunting. However, today is an entirely different story although the parks have maintained a bit of the beautiful nature that was.

The native trees and plants are well adapted to all that the weather can hand them. They are also an excellent source of food and shelter for the bees, birds, insects, and butterflies. You will find large native trees in the residential areas as well as in the parks in St. Louis although decorative exotic tree species are also a common sight. The beautiful color changes with seasons are a great sight to behold.

Animal lovers will enjoy the wide variety of animals and wildlife in the parks and zoos, with some of the main attractions being wolves, the white-tailed deer, the gray squirrel, and coyotes. Bird watchers will enjoy the beautiful sight of migrating birds, together with the beauty of the great eagle, the blue heron, and other beautiful birds that are very common in the parks and along the Mississippi.

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