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St. Louis Concierge Services

St. Louis seniors and caregivers have a wealth of resources at their fingertips in the form of concierge services. These companies send assistants to your home to run errands and take care of tasks you do not have time to do. These affordable services can be a saving grace to seniors living at home alone.

Concierge Service Suggestions

You can find large concierge companies on the internet including Taskrabbit. These companies allow you to post the task you need done and then review the bids from professionals in the St. Louis area. You can also find mobile apps for restaurant and fast food delivery.

Amazon Home Services from the huge retailer is a new service available in St. Louis and other large cities across the country. The retailer offers services in lawn and garden, house cleaning, home repair and maintenance, furniture assembly, computer and electronic set-up, and more. You can choose a prepackaged service and pay with the payment method you have on file with the retail giant or request a quote from professionals in your area.

The following is a list of concierge services in St. Louis:

At Your Service of St. Louis County will check-in on your elderly family member, take care of the pets, pick-up and drop-off prescriptions, schedule appointments, grocery shop, arrange repair services, pay bills, clean house, and take care of lawn maintenance. The service also has a mobile notary to make life easier. Seniors age 65 and over receive a 10 percent discount. You can purchase packages or pay for a la carte services starting at $35 for one hour.

Saint Louis Concierge focuses on keeping seniors active and living in their homes longer. The assistant can wait for service workers, coordinate your house cleaning and maid services, organize closets, run prevention and safety checks, run general errands, car inspections, escort transportation, and more. Transportation starts at $25 per hour plus mileage. In-home and personal services are $30 per hour on weekdays, and $45 per hour on the weekends.

At Your Beck-N-Call is an errands and personal assistance service. Senior services include non-medical assistance, medication reminders, reports to family members, bill paying assistance, hot meal prep, grocery shopping, and coordinate house cleaning services. A la carte services are charged at $30 per hour. Contact the company to be added to their waitlist.

Tailored Senior Services offer not only concierge services for seniors at home, but provide assistance in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living community. You can expect housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, home organization, wait service, and personal shopping services. The rates are tailored to individual clients and their needs.

Screening Concierge Options

Before you hire a concierge service, practice due diligence and research all concierge companies you are considering. A credible company should have processes in place for screening, testing, and training. You may want to check with the company about the employees being insured and/or bonded. You can find ratings and reviews online about specific companies.

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