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St. Louis Aging In Place

If it’s getting harder to move around your house or keep up with daily chores and maintenance, you might think it’s time for you to move out and into a nursing facility but that doesn’t have to be the case. Aging in place allows you to stay at home for as long as possible and still enjoy a good quality of life. There are programs and services that give you the option to stay where you are and some of the most common are homemaker services for general household upkeep or home health aides to make sure your health and well-being are monitored. All the way from North Riverfront down to St. Louis Hills, you’re sure to find a caregiver program that suits your needs.

Paying For Services

Paying for home health services might not fall entirely on you and if your doctor has confirmed you need help at home to stay safe then you have payment options. Medicaid can help low-income seniors cover their services and VA benefits can help veterans find home health services. Long-time insurance owners also have help with coverage as long as it is included in their policy. You can also look to the Department of Health and Senior Services to find programs and resources to stay at home longer.

Total Cost Of Home Health Services

Determining the exact cost of home health services is tricky because the prices will vary from community to community and it will largely depend on what kind of services you need and how frequently. The national monthly average for homemaker and home health aide services is around $3,800.

St. Louis doesn’t have an average cost for homemaker services but you can usually find a home health aide for a daily average of $125 which is about $3,813 per month. That can seem a little high, but when you take into consideration a semi-private room in a nursing home costs $5,171, it’s a fairly good deal.

Questions To Ask A Provider

After you’ve decided home health care is what you want, talk to your family members, friends, neighbors, and any other colleagues to see if they have any referrals to trusted companies. You can also look at the St. Louis Better Business Bureau and find a rating and reviews for each local company.

Make sure each provider you look at is properly licensed and bonded, and find out if they have insurance. You should also ask about their hiring process and see if they do background checks on their employees. Once you have decided on a company, go over their payment options, scheduling procedures, and anything else you may need to know before you sign a contract. Other Care Options

Beyond homemaker services and home health aides, you can find help for just about anything online. These services are good for seniors who aren’t quite ready for a full-time aide or caregiver but still need an extra hand.

TaskRabbit and Favor are two websites where you can search for help with any errand or chore you may need. If you want more specific help you can look on Handy for housecleaning services and for a dog walker or pet sitter. and Amazon Home Services are good places to look if you need house repairs or a bigger remodeling project completed. Just make sure you properly research anyone who is going to be in or around your house.

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