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Caregiving in St. Louis, MO

Caregiving is a demanding job. For many adult children, spouses or other family members who are providing this care, finding time away can be extremely difficult. The good news is that there are a number of resources in the St. Louis area for caregivers who need help, support, or other information regarding caregiving. Some of the resources that are available for those in this area can be found here.

Taking a Short Break from Caregiving Duties

In some cases it can be difficult to ask for help, but even harder to provide adequate care for an aging loved one alone. There are a number of helpful options to consider, which will allow a caregiver to get a break, at least a little one, from time to time.

In-Home Respite Care. This is a popular option for caregivers in the St. Louis area due to the level of care that the providers offer. There are quite a few options offered in St. Louis, which means a caregiver can find both medical and non-medical care services to provide a break for the family member caregiver.

MEAAA Short-Term or Personal Care Homemaker Services. This organization can help to arrange in-home and short-term assistance for up to two hours a week for up to eight weeks. There are offices offered throughout the St. Louis area.

Finding Help and Support with the Caregiving Role

Everyone needs someone to talk to who understands what they are going through on a day-to-day basis. This is why there are quite a few support groups available to attend and learn from.

The Caregiver Action Network offers a huge number of resources for family caregivers. The goal of the organization is to provide help and support that minimizes the stress that caregivers experience. Educational programs are offered to help existing caregivers extend their knowledge and understanding of their role, as well.

Another resource is the AARP Caregiving Resource Center. Here caregivers can find tips, tools and other resources covering how to plan, prepare and find success as a caregiver.

The Family Caregiver Alliance is also a beneficial resource that was originally founded in 1977. This is a community-based, non profit service that addresses all the concerns and needs of friends and family members who are providing long-term care services.

There are also a number of disease/illness support groups that can be utilized for caregivers who are caring for a senior loved one with a specific condition:

American Heart Association American Cancer Society The United Way of St. Louis

Counselors and care managers are also available from the St. Louis Home Healthy Community Resources. In most cases, finding one of these individuals who understands the role of caregivers and the help they need can be found by contacting the local senior center.

When You Can’t Provide Care any Longer

Regardless of the type of care that you are providing, there are times when the demand is no longer able to be met. In these situations, it may be necessary for the family caregiver to seek long-term care solutions.

The Missouri Aging Information Network offers an eldercare locator. This is powered by the U.S. Administration on Aging and connects seniors and their caregivers with various types of long-term care solutions in the St. Louis area. You can search options by the type of care or service that is needed, or by location.

Another service that offers assistance for caregivers searching for long-term care for an aging loved one is VOYCE. They can provide assistance and options for those searching for care and help them choose the option that makes the most sense for their needs.

In some cases, it will be necessary to search for nursing home care or an assisted living facility for the elderly individual if they are no longer able to stay in the home. When this is necessary, it is essential to get to know a bit about the cost of these locations. For an assisted living facility, you can expect to pay on average $3,670 per month or $44,040 per year. For nursing home care in a semi-private room, you can expect to pay $60,225 per year and $69,350 per year for a private room.

The cost of nursing home care is more due to a number of factors; however, this higher cost typically reflects the additional care that is provided. It is important to assess your financial situation to determine what type of care is affordable for the senior in need.

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