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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Sacramento

We hear all the time that things change as we age. Doctors remind us of those changes in our body, our health, and our appearance, but change can happen with our jobs as well. In 2015, AARP found that adults over the age of 55 without jobs had some commonalities. Generally, they could take longer than younger job-seekers to find a new workplace, are paid less than they were at their previous job, and work fewer weekly hours. That said, there are job opportunities for seniors that are fulfilling and rewarding, but it takes a bit of time, the right skills, and a strong network to find the best match. Seniors looking for employment or a job change in the Sacramento area should be familiar with these helpful resources in the area.

Job opportunities and resources for adults over age 50

The America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) is the state’s one-stop-shop resource for employment-related services. In the Sacramento area, they have almost a dozen locations that match qualified candidates with open job opportunities in their area. They also provide resources to job seekers, including assessments, help to locate openings in the area, continuing education to qualify for the desired position, and courses on developing a captivating resume.

The AJCC offers a variety of educational services and workshops and coordinates job fairs in the area. They also offer assistance with finding services and resources for veterans. For mature adults looking to move into a different career, the AJCC provides tools to help with that transition, as well as resources to support and networking groups in the area to make meaningful business connections.

Grant funding opportunities for low-income seniors

The Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) is the Community Action Agency designed by Sacramento County who receives and distributes the funding provided by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG). The funds are for the purpose of giving low-income seniors and families the training and resources they need to develop the skills and knowledge to find gainful employment and eliminate financial challenges.

CSBG has a number of services at their disposal, including access to transportation and community resources to achieve self-sufficiency. You can contact them directly at (916) 263-3800 or visit their website for a listing of department contacts for more information on the program.

Other opportunities for senior job seekers to consider

Sacramento Works Job Centers are an excellent resource for military veterans looking for employment. They can provide assistance with resume writing to translate military experience into marketable job skills for civilian employers.

The variation of the Cash and Counseling in California may allow senior caregivers to be paid a monthly stipend for taking care of an elderly or disabled family member. Other programs in the state that have the same types of provisions are the VA Aid & Attendance pension and some long-term care insurance policies.

Seniors with an entrepreneurial spirit may want to consider starting their own business. The Sacramento District Office of the Small Business Administration has all of the information you need to begin your own start-up, whether you’re looking to build a large international company or a home-based business.

With dozens of community resources to give you the training, support, and opportunities you’re looking for, you’re sure to find rewarding employment in the Sacramento area.

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