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Sacramento Veterans Benefits

In exchange for their military service, veterans are eligible to receive a lot of different benefits including access to VA health care, help with housing, and employment services. While the options are plentiful, accessing them isn’t always a simple process. This Sacramento organizations and resources can help vets claim their benefits.

Claiming your health benefits

Not every vet is aware that they likely qualify for VA provided healthcare. Any veteran who served and received their discharge papers (except those who were dishonorably discharged), Reservist or member of the National Guard who completed their federal service period is eligible to receive benefits through the VA healthcare program. When you apply, your application will be sorted into priority group for consideration.

The VA Northern California Health Care System with two locations, one the Valley Division - Sacramento VA Medical Center, provides health care services to veterans in the area. Among their care options, vets have access to emergency care, primary care, mental health and substance abuse programs and services, and palliative care. Veteran caregivers can also benefit from services, including caregiver support groups, hospice, and in-home care options. Discovering housing programs and options in Sacramento

The Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance Veterans Services department is an excellent local resource to help with housing questions in the area. The Sacramento Valley Veterans website also includes links and contact information for programs available to vets including:

Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing- a program that offers rental assistance for homeless veterans

Home loans at affordable rates for veteran home buyers

Home repair and home improvement loans at affordable rates for veterans

Grant Per Diem Program

The Northern California VA also has a number of programs available to homeless veterans and their families to help them get back on their feet, find work, housing, and provide healthcare services. Mental health and substance abuse programs are also available for homeless vets in need of treatment.

The Medical Foster Home program is another potential housing solution for veterans who need room and board as well as assistance with daily activities. The VA approves private caregivers at their home residences to provide a private room for a vet and assist with activities of daily life like preparing meals, providing transportation, and housekeeping and laundry.

Other places to find help for Sacramento vets

There are a few other places veterans can find help in the city including the Sacramento Vet Center, the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center, and the California Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Each organization offers help in different ways, and you can find assistance with benefits applications, claims, eligibility assistance, and access to other programs and services in the area. For example, the Veterans Resource Center has on-site supportive housing for veterans and their families, as well as a behavioral health facility for vets who need treatment for substance abuse and addiction.

Career counseling and employment resources are also available to Sacramento veterans. In California, there are several different agencies who specialize in veteran career services and you can find a listing here of great resources.

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