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Sacramento Respite Care and Adult Day Care

In an ideal situation, most people would choose to age at home and have care provided by their family. When a family caregiver needs to maintain a daytime job outside of the home or has their own personal needs to attend to, adult day services can assist with supervising a loved one’s health, providing socializing, and preparing a hot meal while a caregiver is away. They can also provide families with a peace of mind that their loved one is in safe hands. Here’s what you need to know about licensed adult day services in Sacramento.

What are respite care and adult day care programs like?

Generally, day care programs designed for adults allow caregivers to drop off seniors and other adults with daytime care needs. Sometimes a program will offer transportation to and from the location, which could be a variety of appropriate settings like a community center, a local church, or a senior living community. Traditionally centers will offer care programs Monday through Friday during normal working hours, excluding major holidays. Depending on the needs of your loved one, you may find that 5-days-a-week care is best, or you may decide to use the care services just a few days each week or during a period when a caregiver is away due to illness or a vacation.

All state-licensed adult day services will offer a hot lunch, and some may also offer a breakfast and nutritious snacks. Needs, like overseeing medication schedules, keeping seniors hydrated, and assisting with personal care, like toileting and feeding throughout the day, are provided by nursing staff. In some cases, the day program may also be able to accommodate patients with dementia.

Centers will program daily activities like board and card games, music therapy, adaptive exercise programs, visits from pet therapy pets, outdoor actives like gardening, and field trips to area attractions. In California, adult day care programs are licensed by the California Department of Public Health and seniors can find a valuable resource in the California Association for Adult Day Services.

Where can I find adult day care providers in Sacramento?

There are several adult day programs licensed by the state to choose from in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Begin your search by looking for an option near to your home or workplace. Depending on the area you’re in, nearby options may include:

Rancho Cordovoa Adult Day Health Care Center on Mills Station Road

Triple ‘R’ Adult Program at their Greenhaven, Midtown, and North Sacramento locations

Altamedix ADHC on North Freeway Blvd

You may also want to ask your loved one’s physician, friends, or other seniors in the community for referrals to a center they recommend, or reach out directly to CAADS for suggestions at (916)-552-7400.

How much does adult day care cost and who pays for it?

Daily, the median cost of adult day care services in the Sacramento area is $76, which is around two-thirds of the daily rate for assisted living and half of the rate for a full day of in-home help. If your loved one has medical or cognitive issues, long-term care insurance policies will often provide benefits to pay for care. Seniors with a limited income may qualify for Medicaid or VA-approved programs.

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