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Sacramento Hospitals

Sacramento seniors should see a local geriatrician to receive the proper care. By the age of 65, a person’s previous primary doctor may no longer be able to provide the type of care an older adult requires. Memory loss, high blood pressure, urinary incontinence, and frequent falls are some of the more common problems that seniors develop. A geriatrician will be able to offer prevention tips, medication management, and long-term care options in these cases.

Geriatrics in Sacramento

The UC Davis Division of General Medicine Geriatrics offers a Geriatrics Clinic. The purpose is to improve a person’s overall function, not just provide a diagnosis. This is often done through physical therapy and rehabilitation. Safety and nutrition are two typical concerns as people age. Fall prevention tips and nutritional counseling are necessary at this stage.

Mercy Medical Group has included a Geriatrics program in their services. The subspecialty falls under Internal Medicine, which many doctors specialize in. While many geriatric programs set a certain age when patients may utilize the services, such as 65, this program does not. When to provide services is determined by the type of health concerns one is experiencing, such as memory loss or frequent falls. There are several centers offered by Mercy Medical where patients can receive care, including Elk Grove, Midtown Sacramento, and Roseville.

Hospitals Offering Senior Care Services in Sacramento

Sutter Medical Center uses SeniorCare PACE, a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly. The program starts by completing a quality assessment to determine overall quality of life. Range of motion, current and previous medical concerns, memory problems, and more are looked at to determine the best course of action. A number of additional services are provided through this program, including:

nursing home care emergency room care ambulance service dental vision podiatry health education speech therapy transportation

Lifeline is an additional option provided by Sutter Health. This emergency system allows seniors to push a button and get connected with an associate who can provide immediate assistance. The device allows the person at home, and the associate, to speak to another. The associate will then reach out to an emergency contact to get them help.

Another choice is the Methodist Hospital of Sacramento. The hospital offers a Home Health & Hospice Department. This allows a physician or nurse to follow up with patients after they leave the hospital and return home. They check vitals, administer medication, offer dietary tips, and even provide necessary medical equipment. The hospice program is used for patients who are terminally ill and require comfort and support in their final days. It is licensed by Medicare and Medi-Cal Hospice.

Searching Sacramento for Physicians

Searching Sacramento for a physician can seem like a tricky task, especially if you do not know where to look. Mercy Medical, part of Dignity Health, provides a “Find a Doctor” search tool. Site users can search directly, or call the Member Services Department instead at (916)-379-2888.

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