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Sacramento Funeral Homes

This guide provides a variety of informative resources to help consumers manage the process of finding a reputable funeral home. A nationwide network of online tools gives consumers a convenient way to locate funeral service providers in their area. Suggestions and tips on ways to budget and save money when making funeral arrangements are also included along with an overview of the federal laws that protect consumers as outlined under the FTC Funeral Rule.

How the FTC Funeral Rule Benefits Consumers

When consumers shop for a funeral service provider, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects their rights in several ways. Known as the FTC Funeral Rule, regulations as outlined within the laws govern the ways in which businesses that offer funeral services deal with the public. Some examples of the FTC Funeral Rule include:

Consumers have the right to contact funeral service providers and obtain information about services and costs over the telephone without any obligations.

Funeral homes must provide consumers with information about their services without requiring them to reveal personal information such as their names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Funeral service providers may not pressure consumers into selecting and purchasing bundled package service plans. Consumers have the option to choose and pay for only what they need.

When consumers visit a funeral home in person, the service provider must give them a General Price List (GPL) that outlines all service features and how much they cost.

Shopping for Funeral Home Service Providers

There is a variety of excellent online resources available on the site of Dignity Memorial to help consumers that are shopping for a funeral service provider.The nationwide network maintained by Dignity Memorial includes a search tool to help consumers locate funeral homes in the Sacramento area. Two local businesses include Harry A. Nauman & Son and Lombard & Company Funeral Directors.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) maintains an online directory of funeral homes, which is another helpful resource for consumers to explore. Listings in the Sacramento area include the BBB accredited W. F. Gormley & Sons, which has an A+ rating. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) offers additional suggestions that consumers may find helpful on their funeral planning tips page.

Options to Help You Save Money on Funeral Expenses

Suggestions to help consumers save money when planning funeral services include the trusted age-old method used when making other purchases—only buy what you need. Unless funds have been set aside in the form of a life insurance policy, budgeting for the expenses associated with funeral arrangements is easy when using a little common sense.

Honoring the memory of a loved one is possible without buying an expensive casket or spending money on unneeded extra features and service arrangements. One way to help save on the costs of funeral arrangements is to have the reception that follows the funeral procession at a family friend’s home instead of paying for catering services. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral pricing checklist is a helpful resource that provides suggestions when shopping for services and ways to save money.

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