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Sacramento Family Caregiver Benefits

Being a caregiver for a family member can be one of the most selfless and demanding jobs. It’s also one of the fastest growing jobs because as the majority of the population and baby boomers start to age the more they need help with their health. As the number of caregivers grows so does the number of programs and services to support those caregivers. It’s perfectly normal to need a break from your caregiving duties and these services can help you be a better caregiver and ensure your loved one gets the best help possible.

The Northern California Alzheimer’s Association Chapter

This chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association serves hundreds of families and dozens of counties across northern California and Northern Nevada. They have over 150 support groups to help all those who have to help or deal with Alzheimer’s in any way. A few of the support groups you can take part in include:

The various Support Groups For Caregivers in Sacramento County. There are dozens of locations, places, and times that you can meet up with other caregivers and share tips and resources on how to best take care of your loved one.

Early Stage Group allows caregivers who have just recently started taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s to learn the ropes of their new job. It helps to know what to expect and get advice from caregivers who are going through the same things as you.

You can also participate in Learning Circles. These are located in each county and allow caregivers the opportunity to share resources and knowledge about caring for Alzheimer’s. They are held each month and run by a trained Community Ambassador.

Sacramento Agency On Aging Area 4

Sacramento residents can contact the Agency on Aging Area 4 to be connected with other resources and services for caregivers in their community. The Agency can help with things like meals and nutrition services, local adult day care centers, transportation services, and other support for family caregivers.

VA Northern California Health Care System

If your loved one is a veteran and you are providing care you can take advantage of the VA Northern California Health Care System and their caregiver support programs. These programs include things like:

Caregiver support line that can help you access services, learn about VA benefits, and connect you with other resources to make your job easier

Caregiver support coordinator that will help match you will all the services you and your loved one are eligible for.

Peer support for caregivers which is a community of other VA caregivers that you can meet with to share stories, resources, and support so you don’t feel alone in your job.

Adult Day Care Center locations

Respite care

In-home care

Homemaker services that will help you with your daily chores so you can focus on caring for your family.

All you have to do is call the Caregiver support helpline at 1-855-260-3274 and they will help you learn what services you can use.

California Department Of Aging

The California Department of Aging has a Family Caregiver Support Program that works with 33 local area agencies on aging to help find resources like respite care, homemaker services, in-home health care, and other services that help caregivers cover all of their duties and make sure their family is cared for. You can call toll free at 1-800-510-2020 to find out more information about local programs and services.

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