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Sacramento Estate Sales

Whether your aging loved one is moving into a residential care facility or has just passed away, the task of sorting a houseful of belongings is overwhelming. If your loved one was a collector or hoarder, the job is even more difficult. An estate sales company can relieve the burden by handling all of the sorting, cleaning, and selling of each item in the home that you do not want.

The Estate Sales Process in Sacramento

An estate sales professional will request that you leave the cleaning to them. Many objects, especially collections, can be damaged by improper cleaning. When the estate sales company walks through the home, they will carefully document and research each item you want sold. This gives the company the opportunity to find the Fair Market Value for each piece and/or have it appraised. The company’s focus will be on selling those items for the highest price to benefit the estate.

The estate sales company will handle all of the advertising and marketing for the sale. Most sales last one to three days, with sales lasting up to one week, for larger estates. Companies, like Jenni Krausse’s Estate Sales Help, advertise current sales on their website. Frequent buyers and collectors watch these sites for upcoming sales and auctions in Sacramento. The company may also contact specific collectors about certain high end items that will sell well.

The company handles all of the cleaning and hosting as well as financial transactions. Most companies accept debit and credit card payments to increase the event’s volume of sales and profits. After the sale concludes, the estate is issued a check minus commission and fees. Depending on the company, you may receive this check in 10 to 30 days. The financial reporting and inventory spreadsheet is also given to you. If there is an executioner of the will, then they may receive a copy.

The Cost of Estate Sales Services in Sacramento

Commission fees vary between companies, however the average range is 10 to 25percent, with a higher end company charging 30 to 35 percent, especially if they must do heavy cleaning before the event. Jenni Krausse’s Estate Sales Help, and other companies, charge a commission fee that also includes a number of services like the fuel for each vehicle used to travel to the home and supplies. This can raise the commission fee to 50 percent of the net sales. The majority of companies do not charge an upfront fee for an initial consultation.

Finding an Estate Sales Company in and around the City

Be sure to ask your family and friends for recommendations for local companies as well as your family attorney or the executioner of the will. You can also find listings and reviews on senior care directories for estate sales professionals in and around Sacramento. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Northeast California lists ratings as well as reviews and accreditation status. The site currently lists 10 estate sales organizations within a 50 mile radius of the city.

Look for an estate sales professional or appraiser that is certified through the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Both organizations feature databases of certified appraisers across the country and Canada. Research and compare each estate sales company you are considering before hiring one.

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