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Sacramento Elder Law Attorneys

Your retirement years are meant for relaxation and spending time doing the things you love with the ones you love. Unfortunately, too many seniors have to deal with complicated legal issues like health care, pension plans, various government agencies, and housing providers on a regular basis. Add to that stress figuring out your will and end of life desires and you can have a stressful time when you’re supposed to be enjoying your time. Hiring an elder law attorney that can handle all of these issues with finesse and expertise will help make your retirement enjoyable again and give you time to enjoy your time off.

What Is Special About Elder Law Attorneys?

You might wonder if it’s all that important to hire an elder law attorney when you have a friend who is a lawyer or a family attorney. Senior legal issues can be extremely complicated and involve many different facets and if you don’t work with someone who knows the ins and outs of elder law intimately, you could make some big mistakes with long-term consequences.

Elder law attorneys understand things like Medicaid and pension plans and know that those issues are involved in things like your personal assets and can be affected by other things like an inheritance. They are also tuned into your emotional needs and can help you find community support and resources if needed.

Can Anyone Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

There are a few groups of people that should hire an elder law attorney. Of course, if you’re a senior, then by all means, contact an elder law attorney for advice and counsel when you have a legal issue involving your senior status. Family members of seniors can also contact an elder law attorney if they have questions about inheritance, executors of the estate, or legal guardianship. It’s also important that if you suspect elder abuse either physical or financial, you contact an elder law attorney immediately to get the matter resolved.

Is There An Optimal Time To Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

The best time to hire an elder law attorney is right when you start to plan your estate. There are so many complicated matters when it comes to estate planning and having the counsel of a good elder law attorney can make the process go smoothly. An elder law attorney that understands healthcare directives, asset ownership, and estate planning will make for a secure and less stressful future for seniors and their family members.

You can also hire an elder law attorney any time you have issues with things like:


VA pension plans

Senior housing

Age discrimination

Insurance and long-term care needs

Make sure to find an elder law attorney that specializes in your particular needs because not every attorney is an expert in all issues.

Where Should I Look For An Elder Law Attorney?

You can talk with family members or friends who have already used the services of an elder law attorney for their recommendations. If you have a family attorney, talk to them for a referral. You can also check places like the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys or the National Elder Law Foundation. Super Lawyers is another website that will allow you to search top elder law attorneys in your neighborhood.

The State Bar of California has a search tool that lets you view attorney records and find an attorney near you. They also have various legal aid services that can help you find the right attorney if you’re on a limited income.

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