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Medicaid in Sacramento

Many Sacramento seniors rely on Medicaid for financial assistance. In California, Medicaid provides funding for over half of the nursing home care administered and also grants financial assistance for seniors for in-home health care, adult day care programs, drivers for doctors appointments, and hospice services. If you are considering applying for Medicaid benefits, here are the things you need to know about the program in the Sacramento area.

Who is eligible to receive California Medicaid benefits?

In California, seniors ages 65 and up as well as adults with long-term disabilities estimated to last for a year or more who need a minimum of 30 days of continual care may qualify for Medicaid. Applicants must have limited income and assets, excluding their home value and monthly care costs, to qualify.

Where can you access the Medicaid application or claim assistance?

Visit the California Medicaid Services Website Medi-Cal to create a username and password to log on to apply for benefits or check a claim status.

If you prefer in-person assistance with your Medicaid application, there are 5 Human Assistance Benefits offices in the Sacramento area you can visit. Their information is as follows: 4433 Florin Road 2700 Fulton Ave. 3960 Research Dr. 2450 Florin Road 1725 28th St

There are additional offices in Rancho Cordova and North Highlands as well. For a full listing of resources, you can visit the Department of Human Assistance Benefits website. You can also contact the DHA by phone at (916)-874-3100 or (209)-744-0499.

An alternate resource for help understanding your Medicaid eligibility and benefits is the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP). Visit their website or contact them in person at the Sacramento office at 3950 Industrial Blvd., Suite 500 West Sacramento or by phone at (916)-376-8915.

What services are covered for seniors under California Medicaid?

Medicaid in California pays for medicare care like doctor visits, hospitalizations, dental visits, prescription medication, x-rays, and lab work. Qualifying seniors may also receive funds for in-home care, adult day care, long-term nursing facilities, and hospice care.

If a senior is in need of long-term care, the facility will need to have a Medicaid certification through the state. Be sure to inquire if the facility you’re considering accepts Medicaid, or visit the provider listings for services on the Medi-Cal website.

Medical Appointment Transport

Transportation to and from medical appointments may be covered by Medicare with prior approval. If you are unable to drive yourself to your appointment and have prior approval, contact local non-emergency medical providers in your area and check to be sure that they are contracted and approved to be part of the Medi-Cal transportation program. Arrangements should be made with providers a few days before your scheduled appointment.

In some cases, reimbursement may be available for fuel used in driving yourself to a pharmacy or doctor’s appointment. Contact Medi-Cal directly for eligibility criteria and to submit a reimbursement request.

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