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How to Get Around Sacramento Without Driving

The city of Sacramento is rich in history, culture, as well as economic activities that attract many visitors. The main attractions that make Sacramento popular include the historic Tower Bridge, the California State Fair, the iconic Delta, the Crocker Art Museum and much more. It can be tricky to drive around the city especially if you are new there. However, if you have to be somewhere, you can explore the following other transportation options that are very useful for seniors and visitors.

Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT)

The Sacramento Regional Transit District otherwise known as RT is a reliable agency that deals with public transportation back and forth the city. It operates over 60 bus routes as well as an extensive light rail system. Many people use the RT system to travel around the city since it is both convenient and affordable. All RT buses and trains have wheelchair ramps or lifts as well as a special area for wheelchair securing. RT buses have a bus kneeling feature to help seniors to board the buses. The light rail cars have designated front seats for seniors and wheelchairs.

Taxi Services

Taxi services are a safe and familiar way for seniors to travel around the city. The good thing about taxis is that you can hail them from any part of the city, and they can drop you at your doorstep. This is good for seniors since they do not have to walk long distances to access transportation services in the city. Taxi providers in Sacramento include the Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento, and Americab.

Specialty Senior Transportation Services

Seniors need to get out of the house for medical appointments, shopping, meeting with friends, family, as well as other errands. Since most of them cannot drive, companies such as Paratransit Inc. help to provide transport tailored to cater for the needs of the elderly as well as persons with disabilities.

Ride-Sharing Services

Seniors can access ride-sharing services such as Uber, Carpool Sacramento, and Lyft that can help them to access friendly transportation at the touch of a button. They can conveniently request for transportation at any time of day or night, share costs and make payments through the phone. However, different companies have different pricing systems. Make sure that you understand the one you choose to go with to avoid cases such as price spikes during rush hour.

River Taxi

If you want a fun and relaxing way of moving around in Sacramento, then take the little Yellowbot River Otter Taxi ride. It is fun and relaxing, and you can stop by all the fantastic waterfront hotels, restaurants, and parks. The 24-seat boat makes a round trip in an hour and a quarter, which is fabulous for sightseeing.

The California Senior Information and Assistance Programme (I&A) offers seniors helpful services to find safe rides. You can call 1-800-510-2020 to arrange rides in advance for health care needs as well as transportation assistance. The program is committed to helping seniors maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible.

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