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How Much Does Sacramento Assisted Living Cost?

The Sacramento area offers almost 200 assisted living service options for individuals that can benefit from provided support and help for daily living activities. The types of services and amenities associated with assisting living and their costs will vary depending on the facility or the organization that provides in-home care.

Becoming educated on all your options and what you can expect to get in return will help make the process of choosing a facility or in-home service provider that much easier. Here’s a detailed overview of assisted living services along with estimated expenses and alternative options to cover the costs.

Assisted living provides individuals with supportive services that enhance daily living so that they can remain independent. Examples of assisted living services include:

Grocery shopping and meal preparation.

Laundry and house cleaning services.

Transportation to various destinations including the hairdresser, doctor’s visits, church, and grocery shopping.

Assistance with daily living activities including personal hygiene, bathing, and dressing.

Management and administration of prescriptions and other medications.

Assisted living can range from in-home services that are provided by a licensed caregiver or residing within a senior community setting. Accommodations within facilities include various types of units that range from single rooms that are adjacent to shared amenities to fully furnished apartments and residences.

Seniors that prefer a more independent lifestyle may choose to continue living in their current homes with regularly scheduled visits from caregivers and home aides. Those individuals that need more assistance with daily living activities may benefit from the services provided in a community setting facility.

Quick Overview on Assisted Living in Sacramento

There are almost 200 assisted living facilities in Sacramento licensed by the state of California.

Accommodations range from small 4-bed homes to larger facilities with more than 180 beds.

Detailed data about each facility including inspections and evaluation reports is accessible on the California Dept. of Social Services (CDSS) website.

Estimated Expenses for Assisted Living in Sacramento

The approximate costs for assisted living care in Sacramento are slightly lower than the national median average. The annual expenses for assisted living in Sacramento as posted on the Genworth Cost of Care Survey for 2015 had an average cost of $39,000 with prices reflective of a decrease of -1% each year. Overall, the national average annual rate was estimated at $43,200 with an associated increase of 2% yearly.

Sacramento area residents that hired homemaker services in 2015 paid about $53,768 per year. Home health aide services were slightly more expensive, coming in at $57,200 yearly during 2015. Genworth based these rates on services that were performed 44 hours weekly for one full year at 52 weeks.

Ask About Included Services and Added Costs

As you check out several assisted living options, make a checklist to inquire about all the available services and their associated costs. Make sure you ask which amenities are included and which ones come as an extra expense.

Do a thorough check of all policies and read the fine print before signing any contracts or applications. Scrutinize things such as whether utilities are included, the policy for pets, residency agreements, and whether onsite emergency health care services are available.

How You Can Save Money on Assisted Living

Exploring creative ways to save money on assisted living services need not be complicated. Consider your budget and take a look at all of your assets. Seniors that may own vacation homes in other states may want to think about renting them out or even putting them on the market and using the profits from the sale to fund senior living care.

A reverse mortgage is yet another possibility that may work for seniors that plan on staying in their present homes with the goal of receiving in-home assisted living services. Do some comparison shopping when considering a senior living community. You can save a lot of money with just the essential services and excluding the more expensive amenities that you may never use.

Alternative Ways to Pay for Assisted Living Care

California residents have several options they can explore to help offset the costs of assisted living care. The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) administers the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) program as an alternative option to provide individuals with an affordable way to access and pay for services.

The California based Medi-Cal program, which is the state’s version of Medicaid, also offers additional benefits to low-income seniors that need help in covering the expenses associated with assisted living services. Additional options include long-term care insurance, which provides the most comprehensive coverage along with extended options for private care.

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