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Financial Assistance for Sacramento Seniors

Sacramento is a big city with a small town feel, where the traffic is light and the people are friendly. That friendliness easily extends to the senior population, where seniors can get a financial break on some of the services they need from the state and federal agencies. Because governmental assistance is not always enough, Sacramento citizens have banded together to form volunteer organizations to help seniors do the things that they are unable to do on their own, often with little or no cost.

Assistance for Seniors in Pit River Indian Tribes

Sacramento is home to the X-L Indian Reservation. Native Americans of the Pit River Tribe and others in the community can access dental, medical, and behavioral health services from the Pit River Health Service, in Burney. The service also has a satellite clinic on the X-L Reservation. The center also offers health outreach services, senior nutrition services, and transportation in Modac and Shasta counties.

Sacramento Volunteer Services

Sacramento has embraced the idea of community members helping each other rather than relying solely on government entities to care for the elderly. Volunteer Match is an organization that offers a free service that matches volunteers who are looking for ways to help, with homebound seniors who need help. The largest volunteer network in Sacramento is Elder Helpers, a service where volunteers can post an online profile in hopes of being matched with a senior who needs help with groceries, errands, entertainment, transportation, or most any task. Elder Helpers is also free. Another program that matches seniors with helpers is Seniors Helping Seniors. While their services are not free, the rates are affordable for area seniors.

Food and Meal Assistance

Seniors with fixed or low incomes can apply for the Calfresh Program, a program that helps fund food for seniors with low incomes. Calfresh is funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help make sure that seniors are getting proper nutrition. Meals on Wheels offers meals every weekday at area senior centers. The program also delivers meals to homebound seniors. A group of volunteers work to collect and distribute food in bag lunches for the Brown Bag Program to low-income eligible seniors. Seniors can find out more by calling 2-1-1.

Senior Eye-Care

The American Academy of Ophthalmology offers an eye-care program called Eyecare America. The program covers eye exams and medication assistance to qualified seniors. The program doesn’t provide free eyeglasses, but most exams are provided at no cost or very little cost.

Help at Home

Housing options are often limited for seniors. With limited incomes, many seniors lack extra funds for homes that are deteriorating or need basic repairs. Rebuilding Together Sacramento comes to the rescue with a program that provides free home repairs for low-income homeowners at Rebuild Events, Safe at Home, and Home Energy Conservation programs. The program also helps seniors stay in their homes installing handrails and grab bars, installing or repairing railings, modifying steps, checking smoke detectors and making tubs and showers safe, as well as making minor repairs. Seniors who don’t qualify for free services may be asked to pay modest fee.

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