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Catholic Health Care in Sacramento

Health care options are plentiful in Sacramento. Both Catholic and non-denominational locations are available in the area, offering services to seniors in need. Numerous resource lists detail the centers and facilities responsible for providing such care to community members.

California Department of Managed Health Care

Residents of California can visit the California Department of Managed Health Care to discover resources for Catholic health care options. A number of providers and plans are located on the website. The resource list discusses aging and medicare, preventative care, and information for people with disabilities.

State of California Office of the Patient Advocate

The State of California offers an Office of the Patient Advocate, responsible for providing resources to patients. Sacramento has a number of them available, each of which can point to reasonable health care options, in-home services, and affordable plans. Places like the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance and Sacramento County Division of Public Health are at the top of the list.

Diocese of Sacramento

The Diocese of Sacramento is the number one resource for all Catholic events, programs, resources, and otherwise. Schools, health care options, and much more are listed. A Ministry to the Sick and Aged is provided by the Diocese. Spiritual and holistic wellness is encouraged through this ministry. The pastoral care provided by this program often has a significantly positive impact on the aging process. Many feel more at ease knowing their spiritual wellbeing is well cared for.

Dignity Health

Dignity Health is the main hospital system of Sacramento offering Catholic support. Home Health and Hospice is just one of the areas they focus on. Patients recently discharged from the hospital are eligible to receive these services. Oftentimes, a nurse makes frequent visits to a patient’s home in order to check vital signs and perform an overall wellness check. The nurse will discuss care plans and options and answer any questions the person may have.

Many nurses assist with rehabilitation at home, often helping patients walk and move after surgery or an extended stay in the hospital. This physical therapy will get the muscles working once again, as well as improve any range of motion that was lost.

Brookdale Greenhaven

Brookdale Greenhaven is a senior living solution. Memory care, skilled nursing, and both assisted and independent living are offered. Memory care is intended for those who struggle with memory loss, particularly those who have Alzheimer's or Dementia. Flooring is carefully designed in these areas so problems are avoided. Safe activities are also set up so residents in this area have a secure setting.

The Clare Bridge Path set forth by Brookdale has a set guideline to follow with residents each day. Discussions and games are done each morning to help improve brain stimulation. There is also opportunity for physical activity, such as walking and joining a group exercise. There are also notes written and sent home to loved ones when milestones are achieved or a simple moment of success arises.

Senior Advisor offers additional information regarding assisted living locations throughout the Sacramento area.

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