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Caregiving in Sacramento, CA

Being a caregiver is often a full-time job and one that requires a lot of strength and motivation. You might think that you have to do everything yourself, but that can lead to a quick burnout which isn’t good for you or the loved one you’re helping. If you’re in the Sacramento area, you will want to check out these resources for caregivers. Whether you need a short break, help with errands, group support, or need to give up your caregiving duties altogether, this information will help guide you to the resources available to you in the area.

Need a helping hand?

Everyone needs a little help occasionally, but that can be difficult if you have someone that depends on you for all their needs. There are a few different options in Sacramento if you just need occasional help caregiving.

Concierge Services: Chances are that caregiving isn’t your only job and you have a household and family to manage on top of everything else. That can create a busy schedule and suddenly you realize it’s dinner time and you haven’t bought groceries. That’s where concierge services come in and help. They can do things like run errands that you don’t have time for so that you can focus your attention on your caregiving job.

VIP Concierge Services is located in Sacramento and they provide things like running errands, going to the grocery store, waiting for service appointments like cable installation, dry cleaning pick-up, pet services, and much more. They can handle all of the little things that take up your valuable time so you can focus on more important issues. All you have to do is call and they will work with you to create a customized program and payment schedule.

Adult Day Care: This is a great option when you have an appointment or just need a break for a day. Adult day care programs are state-licensed programs that create a community and place to go for seniors that need supervision throughout the day. In most programs, seniors will be able to participate in group classes, get a chance to socialize with their peers, work on cognitive skills, receive a hot meal, and be under the care of a health professional.

The California Association for Adult Day Services has directories for all different adult day care programs throughout the area and can help you find the right center for your needs. Make sure you check to see if the center you choose accepts VA benefits or Medicaid as the average daily cost of adult programs is about $76.

Respite Care: If your loved one can’t leave their home or their medical needs are too great to be handled by a day care program, you do have the option of respite care. With in-home respite care, you can have a health aide worker come to your home and provide the care your family member needs while you take a break or do other things. This can cost anywhere from $21 to $28 per hour.

There is also residential respite care and this is for when you will be gone longer than a day. You can have your loved one moved to an assisted living facility or nursing home temporarily. This is also a good option if they have just had surgery or an illness that requires more intense care. You can check with the National Respite Network to find out more about respite care in the California area and find the best place for everyone’s needs.

Need some extra support?

While you’re acting as the caregiver, you also need to make sure that you’re giving yourself proper care. If you’re going through this on your own, it can get lonely and stressful. That’s why there are plenty of caregiver support groups and resources to help you through this time.

The California Department of Health Care Services has services centers for each region of the state that offer support groups, programs, and resources for all different kinds of caregivers.

The Alzheimer’s Association has different chapters throughout California, and the Sacramento office has different support groups that meet throughout the week. These groups are not just for caregivers but those who have this disease and need an outlet.

The Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center has both online and personal support systems so you can choose what works best for you. They have plenty of educational materials for you to learn more about caregiving while still getting the support you need.

Need to find a new care plan?

As your loved one gets older or their disease or illness changes, you might have to think about changing their care plan and moving them into a more skilled facility. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your job, it just means that you need help and that isn’t something to feel guilty about.

If you do think it’s time to find a new care plan you might want to consider getting a geriatric care manager. These professionals know what different kinds of care are out there, what they cost, and can create a plan that works for everyone in the family. At Elder Options in Sacramento, their managers will work closely with your family, the healthcare providers, and your loved one to make sure this transition goes smoothly.

You can also talk with your family member’s doctor as they might have some recommendations on what to do as well as friends and family who have gone through these types of situations themselves. Just make sure you find a place that works for everyone involved and try to not beat yourself up for making a change in care.

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