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Social Security for Rochester Seniors

Individuals rely upon Social Security benefits to provide them with supplemental income once they retire after many long years of being in the workforce. The Rochester area has a couple of field office locations available to provide onsite assistance to those that may need a replacement Social Security card or who may want to meet with a representative to get help in completing the sometimes complex process of applying for benefits.

Social Security Field Office Locations in Rochester

New York is one of the few regions that have a Social Security Administration (SSA) hub website. A listing of services is posted here along with an overview of incentive work programs. There are currently two Social Security Administration field office locations that service the Rochester, New York area:

2nd Floor, 4050 W. Ridge Road, Rochester, NY One HSBC Plaza, Suite 1400, 100 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY

Two toll-free numbers are available Monday through Friday during the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for those that may want to contact the SSA by telephone. This includes the regular phone number, which is (800)-772-1213, and the TTY/TDD phone number, which is (800) 325-0778. Customers can also access automated information around-the-clock 24 hours per day using the regular toll-free number.

Social Security has an online email form for individuals that want to contact a customer service representative with questions. An online locator is quite helpful in tracking down the closest Social Security Administration field office within your region or locale.

The Perks of Visiting a Local Field Office

Not everyone is computer savvy or has access to the technology and an Internet connection. In those cases, that is when having access to a physical field office is beneficial. Meeting with a live Social Security Administration customer service representative in person as opposed to applying for benefits online definitely offers some perks. If you run into some snags or problems, the support representative will quickly resolve any issues.

An onsite visit also gives you the opportunity to ask many questions and get the needed answers without having to wait weeks for your paperwork to be processed. The support rep also has direct access to the database system that will be processing your application for benefits, so everything will naturally go that much quicker with minimal problems that need to be resolved.

Social Security Tools Available Online

For those that prefer going the route of using an online automated system, Social Security offers a great selection of online tools, forms, and resources. These online resources include:

The option to create and set-up an initial online account Being able to apply directly for Social Security benefits Review your current Social Security statement of benefits Use the calculator to check benefit rates if you decide to retire early See if you are eligible to receive disability benefits Request a replacement Social Security card

Social Security also has a great selection of online tools to help individuals monitor their accounts so that they can review their retirement benefit rates and also download their statements to keep track of the supplemental income they receive.

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