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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Rochester

While the idea of getting a job after retiring can seem a bit strange to some, the fact is that this is a growing trend among seniors as well as baby boomers. There are more and more people who are starting to seek jobs after retirement. This is often due to the individual needing additional money, or because they enjoy the work they do. Regardless of the reason, if it is time for a person to reenter the workforce, then they may need some helpful resources to give them a hand.

Fortunately, Rochester, NY offers more than a few resources for seniors who are seeking employment. Some of these resources are found here.

Resources for 55+ Job Seekers

There are Career Centers all over the state of New York that offer quite a few different employment services. These services are considered to be wide ranging and include job training opportunities, workforce development, and career counseling. There are counselors who are on-site to help seniors who are unemployed get the help to find a job they need.

The career centers that are serving the Rochester, New York area include: Goodman Street Career Center Waring Road Career Center Saint Paul Street Career Center

Each of these locations offers a number of career training and educational opportunities. This includes help with finding locations that are hiring, resume assistance, interviewing tips and even paid training opportunities, if any are available.

Paid Opportunities for Seniors Seeking Work

The New York Senior Community Service Employment Program is thought of as being one of the best options for seniors in the area who are over the age of 55, unemployed and who have low or no income. To be considered eligible, the senior needs to be actively seeking work and willing to undergo training and educational programs to achieve a permanent part-time or full-time position. They will also have to meet the established income requirements.

SCSEP is a program that was started in 1965 to help mature residents who wanted to better their lives by seeking employment in the community. In addition to providing job placement services, this program provides training and assistance for every step of the job search process.

Assistance for New York Seniors Seeking Employment

One source for assistance for some seniors in the Rochester area is Workforce Development. Here seniors can find specialized organizations, such as services that will work with individuals who were formerly in the military and assist them in finding jobs during their Golden Years. However, it is not only veterans who will benefit. The site provides the ability to network with employers who are seeking experienced, mature workers.

The Office for the Aging in New York also provides assistance for seniors who are looking for employment in the Rochester and surrounding areas. It is a good idea to locate a local service provider to start finding employment that matches the senior’s skills and abilities.

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