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Rochester Senior Movers and Downsizers

Imagine a half century or more worth of items that are stacked in attics, garages, closets, guest rooms, and basements. Going through thousands upon thousands of items would be daunting for anyone. For seniors that may have limited strength and mobility, it’s doubly difficult to imagine sorting through everything by themselves. It’s easy to see why they’d give up before they get started. Senior movers use processes to sort and organize moves that go quickly, but still give seniors the time that they need to have a comfort level in making decisions about the future of their belongings.

Senior Movers Have Familiarity with Heirlooms

Most seniors will not have contemporary furniture or furnishings in their homes, though they may have antiques and treasured heirlooms. Some of those items will be difficult to sell because there is little or no market for many of those items, even in the resale markets. Senior movers will have a good idea which items will bring fair value at an estate sale and which items need to be donated or put out for the trash. Senior movers will also make suggestions during the moving process about which items seniors will most likely be able to give up or not have room for in the new setting.

Deciding When to Call the Senior Movers

Senior movers are prepared to move seniors with little notice or with many months’ notice. Senior movers can get seniors packed up quickly using appropriate packing materials. Many of them have storage facilities where items can be kept for a future estate sale. Most senior movers prefer to have a longer lead time rather than a short timeframe to work with. Many seniors can only stay focused on the sorting and moving process for a few hours each day without becoming completely overwhelmed. Having more time allows movers to approach the move with more compassion.

Rochester Senior Movers

Sheridan Brothers Moving gives free quotes for moving. Movers offers expert care for personal items to make the move worry and stress-free. Sheridan Brothers provide all packing and moving supplies. They will also store items on a short or long-term basis in a temperature controlled environment. Movers will move seniors to any setting they choose. They will move seniors locally, to another state, or even internationally.

Interior Senior Moving Services provides a full array of moving services and offers free quotes and a free consultation. Movers will arrive complete with packaging supplies such as clear tape, boxes in various sizes, labels, and bubble wrap. Movers take the utmost care in packing items in a careful, strategic manner. The service works hard to meet the timing and scheduling of senior moves. Holiday or Sunday moves may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.

Grandma’s Helpers is a full-service moving company that has a team of movers that are dedicated to senior moving. The first step in the process is a complimentary personal consultation, which will be followed by pre-move preparation. Movers will assess the new floor plan, pack, and unpack at the new place. The company will dispose of unwanted items.

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