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Rochester Hospice Care

The end of life brings many tough times with it. Luckily, hospice care is becoming an ever-increasingly popular way to help deal with these difficult times. Patients can get the best possible quality of life during their last months when they pick from the many-licensed Rochester hospice care providers. One misconception is that hospice care is rendered at a specific facility. However, these services can be provided at senior living communities or in your own home. Essentially, you and your family members can get the practical and emotional support you need from hospice care.

Who Provides Hospice Services?

Whether your end-of-life care is administered as part of the continuum of care in a senior living facility or at home, you and your loved ones will have the help of a team of trained professionals. Team members in the following roles will assist you and your family:

When homemaking aides take on daily chores, loved ones will be free to spend more time with you.

Nurses and home health aides will follow your doctor’s care plan and monitor your pain and health levels.

Your doctor will plan your course of care and pain management, lead the hospice team, and work with the hospice doctor or director.

Hospice volunteers are trained to lend a sympathetic ear, provide brief respite care for your loved ones, and run errands.

You will get ongoing emotional support and find out what to expect during end-of-life care from clergy, social workers, and counselor team members.

Your personal support network might also want to get involved. Ask your most reliable and emotionally supportive neighbors and friends for their assistance. They can create a care calendar for your regular needs, including delivery of meals, visits, and grocery shopping.

Where Do You Get Hospice Care in Rochester?

Your doctor may have a specific hospice care provider in mind for you. If this is not the case, you can pick from the variety of hospice agencies in Rochester listed in the directory for the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State. In addition, veterans can get hospice care through the VA at VA Western New York Healthcare System at Buffalo, at home, or in a senior living facility.

A comprehensive list of in-home and nursing home hospice care providers can be found at Interim Healthcare is a top choice in Rochester when you are looking for in-home care. Several local senior living communities also provide hospice care, such as Wesley Gardens and Park Ridge Commons. How Does One Pay for Hospice Services?

Most private health insurance providers cover hospice care. Hospice services in your home or in a nursing facility will be paid for when you have Medicare Part A and pick a Medicare-certified provider. Veterans enrolled in VA Health Care get hospice care from the VA in Rochester. And, if patients have limited resources, hospice care agencies will typically offer discounted rates. Do not hesitate to seek out financial assistance for quality care and professional support so you can make your final days as comfortable as possible.

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