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Rochester Family Caregiver Benefits

Being a caregiver for a family member often means spending most of your time taking care of your loved one. It can be difficult to make sure all other responsibilities you have are taken care of along with your family member and it can also lead to burnout. You don’t have to do everything yourself and in fact, it’s better to take breaks and accept help so you can be a better caregiver. There are so many different caregiver support resources available to you and some of them are free of charge. Here are just a few of the services you can find in Rochester.

Alzheimer’s Association: Rochester And Finger Lakes Chapter

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease need to have a caregiver present almost all the time and often that caregiver is a family member. Alzheimer’s is a tough disease to care for and the Alzheimer’s Association understands that family members and caregivers need all the support they can get during this time. The Rochester and Finger Lakes chapter serves nine different counties and provides caregiver support, services, and training.

Sometimes getting out of the house can be a helpful way to deal with the stress of being a caregiver. The Rochester chapter has plenty of social activities that you and your loved one can participate in. You can go to the Friends For Coffee which is a group that meets twice a month for refreshments and social connections. There is also the Art With Heart program that allows patients and their caregivers to learn about painting and other art forms. You can check dates and find out if you need to register for these events here.

You can also take part in the community education classes offered throughout the Rochester area. There are different classes like Being A Healthy Caregiver and Caregiving At The Holidays. Check the class schedule to see when and where these classes are being taught.

Support groups are another important resource for caregivers. These meetings allow you to connect with other caregivers and share advice, resources, and support. You can find a meeting that fits your schedule and a few of the groups offer respite care so you don’t have to worry about leaving your loved one alone.

Monroe County Office Of Aging

The Monroe County Office of Aging serves as the Area Agency on Aging for Rochester and while they provide plenty of programs and services for seniors they also have services for caregivers. They have links to resources for support groups and counseling and they also offer Elderly Community Outreach through the Catholic Family Center. This program provides caseworkers to help with assessment needs, crisis intervention, and advocacy for seniors and their caregivers. You can call 585-325-2800 for more information.

Rochester VA Health System

If your family member is a veteran and is getting medical care or services from their VA benefits, you can also get caregiver support resources through the VA. There are plenty of different types of assistance you can use through the VA like:

Peer Support Program which allows you to connect with another caregiver in your area and gives you a chance to mentor, share advice, and support each other in your duties.

Caregiver Support Line is a telephone service that can help you with whatever you need whether that is just listening to you vent your frustrations or connecting you to various medical services.

Caregiver Support Coordinator who is a trained professional that will match you to the programs your needs require.

Help with respite care or adult day care when you need a break

In-home health care like homemaker services or home health aides

Hospice care

Skilled nursing care

Home telehealth if your loved one requires medical attention but can’t leave the house.

You can call the caregiver coordinator at 585-394-2000 to learn more about the various types of caregiver assistance.

New York State Office For The Aging

Caregivers in New York can also use the New York Elder Caregiver Support Program. This program can provide you with information on various assistance services and help you gain access to things like respite care, counseling services, training programs, and supplemental services to help your caregiving duties. To find out more about this program and see if you’re eligible you can call 585-753-6280.

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