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Medicare in Rochester

Over 135,000 people in Monroe County receive Medicare benefits, which means that over 18% of residents in the community are on the program, and most of them are seniors. While the program may be well-known, many seniors still have questions on how it works, how to apply, and the best way to find doctors, nursing homes, or other providers in the area who accept Medicare. Luckily, Rochester has resources that can assist you in person, and there are online tools that provide answers with just a few clicks.

Medicare 101- The Basics

Medicare is a federal insurance program that is administered in four parts, Parts A, B, C and D. The program is available to American seniors when they turn 65, and a handful of younger adults who meet the specific qualification criteria for benefits. At a summary level, here’s what is covered in each part.

Part A: Hospital care, some skilled nursing care, some home health care, hospice care

Part B: Visits to the doctor, some rehabilitation services, some outpatient care, lab tests, medical equipment, mental health care, and x-rays

Part C: Optional, private health company administered plan approved by Medicare that, at a minimum, provides everything included in Parts A and B. May include additional coverage like dental, prescription drug, or vision.

Part D: Optional, prescription medications

Rochester summary of Medicare beneficiaries

135,850 residents in Monroe County received benefits from Medicare in 2014.

In 2014, in Monroe County, the average age of a Medicare beneficiary was young compared to averages nationwide, 66 years old.

According to 2014 reports, claims on inpatient care in Monroe County constituted 46% of the total amount spent in claims that year.

According to 2014 reports, claims on home health care in Monroe County constituted five percent of the total amount spent in claims that year.

2014 reports also tell us that skilled nursing care constituted six percent of the total amount of claims in the county for 2014.

Where to go in Rochester for questions and help with Medicare

If you’re looking to speak to someone face to face about your benefits, or need help applying for Medicare, requesting a replacement card, or paying a fine, you can visit your local Social Security Administration office located at:

Address: 100 Chestnut St #1400, Rochester, NY 14604 Phone: (800) 772-1213

Websites to help you locate Rochester providers who accept Medicare

If you’re looking for a doctor in your area who accepts Medicare as insurance, visit the Medicare website for access to a comprehensive search tool that makes it easy to narrow down your options. You can search by a zip code radius and access providers with a variety of specialties like family physicians, geriatric specialists, cardiologists and more. You can click directly on each provider name to view details about their practice including location, contact information, and hospitals where the doctor has privileges. You can also compare the doctor with others in their practice to find the right choice for you.

In addition to the physician search, the website also allows you to search for Medicare-friendly nursing homes or other providers like home health care services or dialysis centers in the Rochester area who accept your insurance.

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