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Medicaid in Rochester

Many people have the misconception that Medicare will cover their long-term insurance needs. However, this is simply not the case. The fact is many people, especially the elderly, find that Medicare is simply inefficient when it comes to long-term medical care. This is when the federal/state funded program comes in to lend a hand. Medicaid offers coverage when another insurance is inadequate. For thousands of seniors, this is how they are currently getting the medical services they need.

Getting covered: Medicaid requirements for seniors in Rochester

To qualify for Medicaid in Rochester, a senior must be over the age of 65 and be able to prove they have not made more than $9,200 in the previous five years. This is referred to the look-back period. Any assets a senior owned or transferred prior to the look-back period will not be counted and any funds that are in a person’s IRA will not be considered an asset. Other factors that will not be considered is if the person owns a home or vehicle.

Assistance for Medicaid applications and claims

In order to apply for Medicaid, a senior has to be over the age of 65. They can visit or contact the New York State Department of Health at 855-355-5777 to receive help with the application over the phone. Some of the other resources that are available to provide help with Medicaid is the Managed Care Organization, the Medicaid Helpline at 800-541-2831, Navigators and Certified Application Counselors or the Local District for Social Services. For those who are hard of hearing and require assistance with their application or a claim, they can email [email protected] or dial 711 for help.

Coverage offerings for senior Medicaid recipients

When a senior receives approval for Medicaid coverage, they will quickly discover that it can cover quite a few aspects of care. The care that is received will be dependent on the needs of the person. Some of the care that is provided includes assisted living, nursing home care, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, doctor and dentist services, respite care, hospitalization, transportation and at-home service/care. Knowing what is covered can help a person understand what services will be accessible once they are approved. Take some time to figure out what will be covered to make sure that long-term care is an option.

Transportation services covered by Medicaid

If a senior needs assistance getting from place to place around the community or going to medical related appointments, they should begin their search by contacting the Area Agency on Aging. The New York State Transportation Federation offers residents a Travel Information Gateway. In most cases, the transportation service, method and location have to be verified by Medicaid ahead of time. This can often take up to a week, so plenty of time for planning needs to be done. More information can be found by visiting the Med Answering website that serves all the local communities in the New York/Rochester area.

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