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Live Like a Local in Rochester

If you are visiting Rochester for the first time, you are in for a great ride because it has so much to offer. Located on the Southern Shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester will call you out to do some fishing or to walk along the shores of the Lake as you enjoy the environment. In addition to visiting all the fantastic tourist attraction sites in Rochester, you can choose to do things a bit differently and go to the places where the locals go and do the things that they do. Here are places you can go.

Indulge Yourself Like A Culinary Enthusiast

Dinosaur Bar-B-que is the place to go when you want to feast on some unforgettable barbecue. Dinosaur Bar-B-que is a classic restaurant popularly known for its rustic ambiance, great tasting food, and excellent service, a combination of factors that make dining an experience to write home about.

Dogtown might not be the big sophisticated city restaurant you might be expecting to eat in, but it is the best place to get regular and very creative hotdogs in Rochester. Although Dogtown is the place where the best hotdogs live, you can also enjoy some great tasting burgers, veggie dogs, homemade soups, terrific fries, and more delicious options.

If you are feeling lucky, make your way to Good Luck, a place where locals love going to beause they know that they will get amazing foods and drinks. Although Good Luck is a nationally recognized as one of the nation's finest drinking establishments, you would not want to miss the marmalade, soft-shell crab, bacon, homemade chips, and kumquat you will find here.

Shop Like You Know Rochester

If you are looking for groceries, ready foods, frozen foods, meat and seafood, dairy, or even bakery products in their freshest condition, Hart’s Local Grocers is the place to go. The kitchen at Hart's local grocers serves great tasting foods, the deep dark coffee you will drink here is amazing, and the amazing staff knows people by name and offers outstanding customer service.

The Apache Mall is a famous destination for shoppers who want to buy the latest fashion, health and beauty products, shoes, home and housewares, and many other products all in different stores. Shoppers here have the option of dining and participating in events held in the mall on a regular basis.

Are you looking for a place where you can access the best shopping stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, DSW, Dressbarn, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, and several other stores? Then you need not go further than Broadway Commons. The wide selection of stores and the amazing look makes this shopping mall a favorite for many.

Hair-Do In Rochester

Since the locals in Rochester go to West End Salon and Spa for all their hair needs, you can visit West End and find out why. In addition to being professionals in their work, the staff members at West End are very friendly.

Locals who value consistency concerning high-quality hair services always go to Supercuts. Supercuts have highly trained professionals; they listen to the client's requests; they use professional hair care products, and they will give you the best options of the most famous cuts that the locals prefer.

The above is a tip of the iceberg; Rochester has many great things waiting for you to go out and discover.

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