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How to Get Around Rochester Without Driving

Getting around town is something that most of us take for granted and never think twice about, but driving is a big deal for seniors. Without the ability to run errands or go to appointments, their quality of life can easily slip away. Fortunately, there are options when it comes to transportation in Rochester. Not only are there public transportation options, but there are taxis and other services that can help. Here is a rundown of a few of the ways you can find a ride in Rochester.

Regional Transportation Services

Regional Transportation Service (RTS) is in charge of the public bus system in Rochester and Monroe county. The buses travel throughout most of Rochester and the surrounding area so you can get to almost any destination. They also have a paratransit system, RTS Access that is for seniors with disabilities. These vehicles can accommodate those that are in wheelchairs or have canes and walkers and they also might make additional stops to help each rider get to their destination safely.

RTS also offers discounted rates for seniors. You just need to make sure you present a valid ID when you get on the bus to get the discounted fare. If you have a trip that you need to make, you can use the RTS Trip Planner to see where your bus is and how long it will take so you never miss an appointment or your ride.

Taxi Services

A taxi is also another option in Rochester and this can be a good idea for seniors that would prefer a door to door ride. This is helpful if your destination is not near a bus stop and you don’t have the ability to walk to where you need to go. Rochester Cab, Rochester NY, and Park Avenue Taxi all operate in the Rochester area and in addition to traveling in town, they can also transport you to the airport. You can also call ahead and schedule your ride in advance so you know that you will be able to leave and arrive on time.


Roceasyride is a carpool/rideshare service that is run through the Regional Transportation Service. It is an online tool that allows you to find rides so that you can save money and get to your destination. It is also a free service and all you have to do is register to see who else is using the rideshare system and plan your trip.

Caregiver Rides

Many seniors receive care in their home from an in-home caregiver service and many of these services provide some type of transportation for their clients. It might be grocery or appointments only, or they might offer incidental transportation if there is an emergency. ComForCare, Home Instead, and Home Helpers all offer transportation of some kind but check with your caregiver provider to see if they offer transportation because this is an excellent way to get around town and still remain under supervised care.

Specialized Senior Transportation Planning

If you are a senior that is 60 or older in Monroe county, you can use the Eldersource Transportation Access (TRAC) to find transportation services near you. TRAC does not offer rides but they will help any senior that calls find the right transportation for their situation.

They provide information for all different kinds of transportation in the Rochester area. They will make sure your ride is on time, provides door-to-door service, and can find wheelchair accessible options if needed. This service is free and they will make sure your ride fits your budget needs. You can call 585-325-2800 today and talk to a specialist to find out more information or find a ride.

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