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Top Riverside Senior Discounts

Riverside is a beautiful place to live and there is plenty to do but maybe you haven’t had the chance to get out and enjoy your city or perhaps you just moved here after your retirement and you’re looking to explore. Either way, you can take advantage of your free time and your senior citizen status and enjoy these attractions at a discounted or free price!

Riverside Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum is a collection of historical, anthropological, and natural science exhibits and collections. You can learn about the cultural history of Southern California, view that nature collections from the area, and see the history of this part of the state. The museum is located in the historical Mission Inn district and it is free of charge, although a small donation is suggested.

Riverside Art Museum

This art museum is a collection of 20 different exhibits that are part of traveling exhibitions, so they rotate throughout the year. You can see art from well-known artists as well as local art. You can also take one of their many art classes and perhaps display your work in the museum!

Mission Inn Museum

If you’re already in the historic Mission Inn district for the Metropolitan or Art museum, you should stop by the Mission Inn Museum. Here is a collection of the artifacts and history that make up the Riverside community. Through the exhibits, you can see the growth, development, and evolution of not only the Mission Inn but the surrounding area. The museum is free but you can also take a guided tour for a small fee.

Riverside National Cemetery

If you yourself served in the military or know someone who did, then the Riverside National Cemetery might interest you. This 921-acre cemetery is the third largest cemetery and it is the resting place of thousands of US military personnel. There are also three different memorials to visit as well as the Tree of Remembrance which lists loved ones who have served in a war.

California Museum of Photography

Love photography? Then you should head to the California Museum of Photography. It is run by the students and faculty of the University of California Riverside. It houses not only photography art but the history, technological advances, and developments of this medium as well. It is the largest photographic collection in the Western half of the United States and its collection grows and changes throughout the year.

University of California Botanic Gardens

You should also stop by the UCR Botanic Gardens if you’re already in the area. These gardens are also run by students and faculty of the school and house some of the most beautiful and exotic plants. You can view their extensive rose, herb, and cactus gardens or see plants from around the world in their geographical garden collections. The gardens are free to wander but you can get a guided tour for a small fee.

Jurupa Mountains Earth Science Museum

Perhaps you have seen the large metal mammoth in the distance and always wondered what it was for. It marks the Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center. You can learn everything you wanted to know about dinosaurs and geology at the Earth Science Museum and you can wander the botanic gardens complete with dinosaur sculptures. There is even a turtle pond where you can get up close and personal with 28 Red-Ear sliders.

The Cove Waterpark

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to the Cove Waterpark. You can ride down slides, try your hand at riptide surfing, or relax on the lazy river. They even have a competition pool where local events take place.

Mount Rubidoux Park

Nature lovers and Riverside residents will love Mt. Rubidoux Park for it’s hiking trails as well as its scenic view of the city. They also host a sunrise church service at 6:30 a.m. and all denominations are welcome.

Whitewater Preserve

Another chance to get outdoors is the Whitewater Preserve. Here you will find trails, camping, fishing, and picnic areas that overlook where big-horned sheep graze. You can also view other local wildlife like deer and bears. Reservations for camping are required but everything else is open to the public.

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