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Social Security for Riverside Seniors

Retirement is a time that many seniors look forward to. However, if they are struggling financially, this may not be possible. This is when Social Security benefits can help. These benefits are designed to help seniors cover the cost of living after working for the majority of their lives.

In many cases, seniors need to replace their card, find out if they are eligible for benefits, and file an appeal or claim for benefits they have not received. When this is necessary, it is a good idea to know where the local area office for Riverside, CA residents is located.

SSA Offices Located in and Around Riverside

There is only a single Social Security office located in the Riverside community. It is located at Parkway South 7880, Mission Grove. To arrive at this location, take the 215 Fwy to Riverside, and be sure to exit at the Alessandro Blvd. location. At this point, you will then take Alessandro W down to Mission Grove Parkway south. Turn left and the two-story building on the corner is where the office is located.

Other nearby offices that can also provide services for Riverside seniors and residents include:

Talladega Social Security Office at 736 North Street East; located just 14.03 miles away from Riverside Anniston Social Security Office at 801 Quintard Avenue; located just 22.19 miles away from Riverside Gadsden Social Security Office at 204 Enterprise Drive; just 27.35 miles away from Riverside

How Seniors can Benefit from Social Security

Retirement benefits are offered to those who meet certain age and income requirements. In order for a senior to determine if they are eligible for these benefits, they can utilize the application for Retirement and Medicare benefits.

The Ticket to Work program is another program that seniors (up to the age of 64) can take advantage of. This program is run by the Social Security Administration and helps seniors who wish to remain in the workforce do so. It is a voluntary and free program that helps those who are interested achieve financial independence.

Tools Offered Online by the SSA

Due to issues with mobility, transportation or some other problem, many people may discover that they are unable to travel to the office. Others simply may not want to do this. As a result, they can utilize some of the online resources that are available.

One of the most beneficial online tools for those needing information or help from the Social Security Administration is to create their own personal account. Setting up an account will provide seniors with access to their benefits information, allow them to monitor when benefits will be paid, provide the ability to update their information, and much more. Users can create a unique username and password to ensure their information remains secure and private.

Other online tools that can be accessed including the ability to order a replacement for a lost or damaged card, use of the retirement pension planner, update any information that may have changed, and use the benefits calculator to let you know what you may receive if approved.

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