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Riverside Support Groups for Caregivers

Caregiving is a job that you probably can’t do alone, and in the city of Riverside, California, you don’t have to. To help you adjust to caregiving, get the resources and training that you need, and allow you to take a break once in a while, Riverside provides you with a number of communities, organizations, and agencies hoping to help.

The California Southland Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is a trusted resource for caregivers all over the country. With branches across the country, those in Riverside, California have access to the California Southland Chapter. Within the chapter, caregivers can find support programs, including support groups, as well as educational programs.

Some of those education opportunities for Riverside caregivers include:

The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Living with Alzheimer’s: For Caregivers – Early Stage Living with Alzheimer’s: For Caregivers – Middle Stage Living with Alzheimer’s: For Caregivers – Late Stage Staying at Home in the Middle Stage Dementia Conversations: Driving, Doctor Visits, Legal & Financial Planning Know the 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body: Tips from the Latest Research Effective Communication Strategies

The Alzheimer’s Association also offers a Basics of Alzheimer’s class in Spanish. You can check out the dates, times, and locations of some of these classes online.

The Riverside County Office on Aging

With the main office of the Riverside County Office on Aging located in Riverside, caregivers have the opportunity to receive a number of benefits. The Office on Aging for Riverside County focuses on assisting older individuals as they age in a number of ways. For caregivers, the most benefit may be received from the Senior HelpLink program, which can help locate personal care services, transportation services, adult day care, home-delivered meals, homemaking services, and more.

VA Loma Linda Healthcare System

Veterans and caregivers of veterans can receive a number of support services from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition to a VA Caregiver Support Line, which can be reached at (855) 260-3274, caregivers of veterans in the Riverside area can receive professional assistance from the VA Loma Linda Healthcare System.

VA caregiver support services include:

Adult Day Care Centers for supervision and activity during business hours.

Home-Based Primary Care so older veterans can get the medical attention they need without leaving their home.

Skilled Home Care for homebound elders who may need more specialized attention

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program for assistance in cooking, bathing, or feeding an elder.

Respite Care to give the caregiver a break or much-needed time off.

Home Hospice Care to make the veteran as comfortable as possible when approaching the end of life.

California Department of Aging

The California Department of Aging provides care to seniors throughout the state of California, including caregivers of seniors in the Riverside area. In addition to providing senior support programs of their own, the California Department of Aging also works with the Area Agencies on Aging to provide access to the Family Caregiver Support Program. To contact the California Department of Aging, call (916) 419-7500.

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