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Riverside Senior Centers

Seniors make up at least 13.6% of the population in Riverside, making it a very attractive city for seniors. Older people in Riverside love their city so much because it provides them with numerous options concerning fitness centers, learning opportunities, travel opportunities, and opportunities for playing games.

Seniors Playing Games In Riverside

Contrary to what most people think, seniors love playing games and sports of all kinds, especially amongst themselves. Seniors who would rather sit and try to better each other on some board game or even at bingo can do so at Riverside's Parks and Recreation program for seniors at times set aside for seniors. Other seniors who have the energy to participate in physical track and field games can take part in Riverside Senior Olympics.

Seniors Who Prefer To Keep Learning

Seniors who want to keep learning even in their old age have many opportunities to do so. Seniors can take up computer classes to learn or just brush up on their computer skills in places such as Dale's Senior Center. Seniors with the desire to go back to college just to learn can sign up for the Osher Lifelong Learning program at the UCR Extension professional studies and learn without having to pay any tuition fees.

Seniors Looking For Opportunities To Keep Fit

Keeping fit is a healthy lifestyle that everyone should adopt, especially people in their adult and older adult years. Seniors who take the effort to keep fit can fight diseases better and live independently for longer, making fitness a priority for most seniors. Seniors willing to sign up for fitness classes can enroll in University of Worcester Seniors Program or have a fitness instructor come to a senior home and have sessions with seniors there.

Seniors Willing To Take The Stage

Seniors who can sing, dance, or act have an excellent opportunity to keep growing their talent in Riverside. The many senior Choirs in Riverside such as The Riverside Presbyterian Church adult choir have performances on a regular basis, and they are perfect for seniors with a passion for singing. Experienced senior dancers or seniors aspiring to learn how to dance can attend dance classes in various parts of the city including the Riverside Park Conservancy Senior Movement.

Seniors Meeting Other Seniors

Seniors meet fellow seniors in different forums including fitness training, game nights, and choir or dance rehearsals and so on. However, the need for seniors to meet with like-minded seniors in different types of environments has encouraged the formation of senior Meetups. Single seniors looking for relationships or seniors to date can find their perfect match in senior online dating sites such as

Seniors Who Want To See The World

Everyone loves to get out of the city occasionally, but the busy work schedules make it hard for people to go for long holidays. However, seniors do not have the above challenge and their love for traveling is just as much as everyone else's love for traveling. Seniors in Riverside come together to form travel clubs where they organize trips to different parts of the world at very affordable costs. Seniors make use of tour professionals who organize their trips and get them great packages.

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