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Riverside In-Home Care

In-home care can be a great solution whether you need full-time or part-time help. Many companies offer respite care to give you a break from the responsibility of caregiving. The cost of a home health aide in your home for the day in Riverside is $168, according to the Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey for California, which is much less than a stay in a nursing home at $285.

In-Home Care Companies in Riverside

Finding online reviews from the family members of clients receiving care, can give you a snapshot of what to expect and the treatment your loved one may receive. The following are a few reviews from family members on about in-home care companies in Riverside and the surrounding area.

From a family using Accent Care, regarding quick responses: “Everything regarding my experience with Accent Care from the very beginning has been blissful. I was in an urgent critical situation needing to find a place for mom quickly, and it went surprisingly well.”

From a family using Independence Assistance in Moreno Valley, regarding developing a bond with the client: “The caregiver we have now is great! My mom really likes her and she does her job well. I would definitely recommend them to a friend!”

From a family using Accent Care in Riverside, regarding matching caregivers and clients up: “We were able to have the same person come out, and they were very consistent. There were no issues with tardiness or scheduling conflicts! I think they really listened to what I needed, and were able to find the type of caregiver we were looking for, and matched us very well!”

In-Home Care Available to Fit Your Schedule

If you work outside the home and need full-time assistance, an in-home health agency can provide you with a caregiver to fit your schedule. Part-time aides are available as well as respite care for those times when you just need a break or to take a sick day. Aides can help for a few hours in the morning or evening. You can even plan for an aide to stay only in the afternoons for both assistance and companionship.

Resources for In-Home Care

To provide your loved one with the best possible care, consider using more than one resource for senior care.

Consider hiring a private caregiver. You can choose a friend or family member to take care of your loved one while you are away. The benefit of hiring someone you know and trust is that your loved one will feel more at ease with the caregiver in their home.

Consider using a company in combination with your caregiver. You can still use an in-home company for last-minute respite care or to give your regular caregiver a vacation. Companies provide flexible scheduling for this reason.

Consider hiring a concierge service to save time. Companies, like Never Alone Living Assistance, can do the running for you. These companies can run errands, grocery shop, prepare meals, organize your home, and schedule appointments.

Your friends and family can also be a wealth of ideas and recommendations for more resources. Before hiring a company or concierge service, contact the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the company. You can also find ratings and reviews online for almost every company in Riverside.

Resources to Cover the Cost of In-Home Care

Medicare will cover in-home care in California if your loved one meets the criteria:

Must be homebound

Requires skilled nursing service or occupational, physical, or speech therapy

Under a doctor’s care

Following a doctor’s care plan

Using an in-home care company that is Medicare certified

Your loved one’s doctor will need to complete Medicare’s paperwork, however, the reimbursement will be worth the effort.

Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid Program, is for low-income seniors wanting to remain at home, but require skilled nursing services. If your loved one only needs help with activities for daily living (ADLs), they may qualify for the In-Home Supportive Services Program (IHSS). Contact your local Riverside Medicaid office for eligibility requirements and an application.

A long-term care insurance policy will cover in-home care. If you plan to private pay, you can use checking, savings, IRAs, and retirement benefits to pay for care. Some seniors seek advice from an elder-law attorney regarding taking out a reverse mortgage and using the loan to pay for care. An attorney can explain the pros and cons of the loan to you. Consult with a financial advisor or senior care planner about other resources to cover the cost of in-home care.

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