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How to Get Around Riverside Without Driving

Riverside is a big city and it can take some time to get from place to place, and for seniors who don’t have a car or aren’t able to drive that can present a problem. From running errands to going to medical appointments, many seniors have busy lives that require some form of transportation. Riverside has a variety of options like public transportation or ride-sharing services that can help seniors get where they need to go quickly and safely.

Riverside Transit Agency

Riverside has an extensive public transportation system which is run by the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA). The RTA has also done their best to make sure they accommodate their elderly passengers to make sure they can get around town. All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and seat belt fasteners to make sure the wheelchair stays secure on the bus. Riverside also has the Dial-A-Ride program for seniors and those with disabilities.

The Dial-A-Ride is a smaller bus that will pick up seniors where they are and take them to their destination. You must be 65 or older to use the service but you do not have to register beforehand. There is also a Dial-A-Ride Plus that will help transport seniors to lifeline services like dialysis or chemotherapy. Seniors 65 and older, as well as veterans, can ride any bus at a discounted rate.

Uber And Lyft In Riverside

Ridesharing services have grown in popularity lately and they are fairly easy to use. Instead of a fixed route, they work a little more like taxis and can give you door to door service. All you have to do to find a ride and use their app through your smartphone, or go online to schedule a car to come pick you up. If you don’t have a smartphone or computer, a friend or family member can arrange a ride for you even if they are not with you. Both Uber and Lyft operate in Riverside and the surrounding neighborhoods, but make sure you understand their fares before you book a ride because they can change throughout the day if there is a higher demand for cars.


If you would prefer to not use a ridesharing service but still need to get somewhere that the bus can’t go, taxis are always an option. There are a few different companies that operate in Riverside like Riverside Taxi, Riverside Super Taxi, and Riverside Taxi Cab. You can call most companies beforehand and schedule a ride and they will pick you up at the arranged time.

Senior Caregivers

Another option is to use in-home caregivers as your mode of transportation and because many seniors receive some type of in-home care, many of these providers will offer transportation services. This could mean that they will run errands for you or drive you to your destinations but there are a few that will only offer incidental transportation if there is an emergency so check beforehand what type they offer. Maxim of Riverside and Independence Assistance both offer some form of transportation. If you don’t feel comfortable riding with a stranger or want to make sure someone who knows how to care for you is always on hand, this could be a good option.

Specialized Senior Transportation

The city of Riverside offers special transportation for seniors that are 60 years or older or if you have a disability. This service is a first come first serve program but you can book your ride up to a week in advance if you know you need to get somewhere. You can call 951-687-8080 to reserve a ride or to find out more information about the program.

Riverside County Network of Care also has a list of different transportation services that are available to seniors in the area. Some of these services do cost money, so make sure you know the fee before you schedule your ride.

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How to Get Around Riverside Without Driving

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