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How Much Does Riverside In-Home Care Cost?

Riverside is the ideal example of small town charm with all the innovation of a larger, metropolitan area mixed in. There are currently 319,504 people in this community, with 8.6% being over the age of 65. In the state of California, it is expected that the population of elderly residents is going to grow twice as quickly as the total population. From the period of 1990 to 2020, it is expected that the increase in elderly people will be 112%, with some counties having even more growth. With this amount of growth expected, finding a quality in-home care is more important than ever. Learning a bit more about this type of long-term care can be quite beneficial and aid your search.

Stats and other information about in-home care in Riverside

Since 2004, the age of the 60+ population has grown by approximately 30 percent in California.

By the year 2060, it is estimated that the number of young retirees (between the ages of 65 and 74) will reach 388,792 and the number of mature retirees (between the ages of 75 and 84) will reach 293,310. This is an increase of 194 percent and 240 percent respectively. The number of seniors over the age of 85 will increase to 178,133, which represents an increase of 443 percent.

Homemaker costs and services in Riverside

Homemakers are the ideal option for seniors who are still able to function, but may have some trouble handling all the tasks and responsibilities that go along with caring for themselves. Homemakers fill in the gaps of care by helping the senior get dressed, use the bathroom, go shopping, clean the house and even prepare meals.

The average cost of care for hiring a homemaker in Riverside ranges between $17 and $32 per hour. Annually, a senior and their family can expect to pay $48,048 for these services.

Home health aide costs and services in Riverside

The cost of a home health aide in Riverside is more than a number of areas around the country, but this is not the case in Riverside. On average, you can expect to pay between $17 and $32 per hour. On a yearly basis this equates to $48,620.

A home care aide will provide a higher level of care than homemakers. They will provide a senior with hospice services (if needed), can dress wounds and surgical incisions, provide mobility equipment, and offer a number of other medical-related services that homemakers do not offer.

What level of care does your senior loved one need?

When a senior or their family determines it is time to call for in-home care, it is essential to determine the level of care they need. Take some time to evaluate their day-to-day abilities in order to choose the right level of care.

What to look for when evaluating in-home care services?

When you begin your search for an in-home care provider in Riverside, you will likely discover the vast array of options available. For some, this can become a bit overwhelming which is why it is a good idea to think about what the senior wants and needs prior to choosing an in-home care provider. This will help ensure a service that meets the needs of the senior is available. If this step is skipped, the senior may find they do not like the in-home care provider selected.

When you begin calling the services in the local area, be sure to find out about the staff, the level of training they offer and how flexible the schedules are. For example, some seniors may need care around the clock, while others only need it a few hours or a few times a week. Finding an in-home care provider that will work around your schedule can be quite beneficial.

Help covering the cost of in-home care services in Riverside

For a number of seniors, as well as their family, a huge challenge associated with in-home care is finding a way to pay for it. The good news is that there are quite a few of assistance programs offered by the state that can help seniors cover the cost. While they may not cover the direct cost of the in-home care, they cover other expenses that allow the senior to save money and avoid the financial burden that goes along with paying for in-home care services.

Medi-Cal Waivers- In the state of California, Medicaid is referred to as Medi-Cal. This is a program that is designed for the elderly and disabled who have limited resources and income. In order to receive this, a person has to meet both the asset and income qualifications. In some cases, it will cover a portion of or all of a senior's in-home care needs.

Additional Payment Options- In addition to state and federally financed programs, there are a number of ways that seniors can work to pay for the services they need. Eldercare loans, reverse mortgages and equity in life insurance policies are all ideal options.

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