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Richmond Veterans Benefits

An array of benefits are available to military veterans in exchange for their years of active duty service. In Richmond, the majority of vets have earned benefits that cover their health care, housing programs, and career counseling services. While there are no shortage of benefits to choose from, it can be a complex process enrolling and accessing the programs. These are just a few local agencies who dedicate resources to helping veterans understand, apply for, and use their benefits.

Health programs and services available to vets

Nearly all veterans, members of the National Guard, and soldiers who are part of the Reserves qualify for the VA health care program. As long as the armed forces member completed their active duty service period and received a discharge that was not dishonorable, they can apply for the program. An application through the VA is required, and when approved, vets are sorted into priority group to determine their benefits.

The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond provides a complete spectrum of health care services to veterans in the area. Vets will find many care options included in services available including geriatric care, primary care, surgical speciality care, and women’s health care. The medical center also offers comprehensive mental health care services, including treatment programs for depression, PTSD, and addiction. Caregivers who look after a veteran can also contact the social work department for in-home assistance and care like help from a home health aide, in-home primary care services, advocacy, support, and hospice.

Housing benefits to help Richmond vets find affordable housing

The Virginia Department of Veteran’s Services provides contacts for dozens of local agencies and services that support veteran housing throughout the state. This information, combined with the programs administered through the VA, can help an array of veterans find the resources they need to secure affordable housing. Regardless of your budget and what you’re looking for, there is a program that can help you like:

Programs to grant loans to homebuyers to assist with financing a new home and

Programs to grant loans to homeowners to assist with paying for renovations and repairs to their current home

Programs that are subsidized by the government that offer housing to vets who are at risk of homelessness (VASH Program)

Programs that offer tax deductions to vets that were injured while serving their country

Homelessness affects many veterans, and in Virginia, they take the problem very seriously. In an effort to eliminate veteran homelessness, the VA and many other local agencies offer programs and services to veterans to help them get back on their feet. Transitional and permanent housing options are available, as are return-to-work programs, career counseling, medical treatment, and substance abuse programs.

Veterans who need help from a caregiver, and who are also looking for a place to live, may want to apply for the VA Medical Foster Home program. Through the program, the VA matches approved caregivers to provide a private living space for veterans in their single-family home. The caregiver will assist the veteran with their daily needs, including things like preparing meals, offering transportation, or helping out with daily tasks like personal grooming.

Who else to contact for benefits assistance in Richmond

Other agencies that can help vets with their benefits are the Veterans Resource Center and the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. Both organizations are staffed with experts in veterans benefits who can offer assistance understanding and utilizing available benefits to vets themselves, or their family and survivors.

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