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Richmond Senior Services

For most people, the city of Richmond, Virginia, conjures up thoughts of history, monuments, museums, and a walk back in time. While all of that is true, Richmond is also an eclectic mix of urban creativity and southern charm, as it is now enjoying a period of growth and development. It’s a prime place for entrepreneurs and intellectuals, alike. Richmond and the areas that surround it are highly affordable. All of these amenities give seniors plenty of reasons to enjoy living in Richmond. Here are some of the senior services that make senior living in Richmond even nicer.

Capital Area Agency on Aging Senior Connections is a private, non-profit organization that offers a comprehensive range of home and community-based services for seniors and their caregivers. The program offers information and assistance, caregiver support, care management, insurance counseling, money management, senior employment, volunteer opportunities, and meal programs. Jewish Family Services offers Richmond seniors and their families services for counseling, home care, care management, and educational talks and workshops. The program also administers a senior visiting program and daily telephone reassurance, where they will check in on a beloved senior with a phone call.

Linwood Robinson Center is a historical facility that developed programs for senior citizens for to meet their needs for fellowship and recreation. The program offers diversified leisure programs and services, opportunities for community involvement, cultural enrichments, health and wellness, continuing education, nutrition services, transportation, and referral services. It’s a place where seniors can meet new friends, develop their creativity, explore new interests, and stay active.

Shepherd’s Center is an all-volunteer, non-profit program for people over the age of 50. The program encourages older adults to remain active and independent through volunteering and by participating in enrichment programs. The program offers classes and lectures at churches during fall, winter, and spring by volunteer lecturers. Classes include foreign languages, literature, history, political science, art, music, religious studies, philosophy, science, writing, estate planning, and yoga. The program also helps seniors with transportation and schedules exciting day trips and excursions.

Peter Paul Development Center provides services to older adults aged 50 and older who live in the Peter Paul neighborhood. Seniors may attend twice weekly for lunch, chair exercise, field trips, bingo, and exciting speakers. It’s a place where seniors can meet new friends and enjoy doing activities with them. The program also offers a food distribution program with food box distribution twice a month.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute was designed for students age 50 and older who never want to stop learning. The program offers a strong offering of liberal arts classes during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Older adults may choose from mini-courses, free lectures, community service projects, performing arts, and more. Some classes qualify for undergraduate credits, but no college background is needed to attend.

These are just a small sampling of many of the innovative programs that seniors can access in Richmond. The city also offers intergenerational programs, grandparent programs, ecumenical social service programs, and other social service programs.

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